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Are all safes fireproof?
No, not all safes are rated for protection against fire. Make sure to check the features of the safe, to see if the safe has been tested for fire protection.
Can I store guns in any type of safe?
  • Fire Safes will develop moisture on the inside of the safe and if moisture builds up on the inside of the safe, it can cause rusting on the gun.  If there is not a waterproof seal, most manufacturers will suggest that you open the safe at least once every two weeks for 20 minutes.  Also, please note, that ammunition should not be stored inside of the safe.
  • If you are interested in storing guns, look at safes that are designed for gun safety. 
  • In the state of California, firearms are required to be kept in a California Department of Justice approved safe.  Review the features of a safe to see if the safe has been approved by the California DOJ as an approved safe.
  • Gun Safes are designed with the ability to have a dehumidifier fitted, racks for easily storing long guns, and
Why does moisture build up inside a safe, and how do I prevent it?
  • Most safes are not waterproof, and condensation can slowly build up on the interior of the safe.  This moisture can cause damage to the contents of the safe.
  • To keep the moisture out of the safe, try to open the safe at least once every two weeks for about 20 minutes.  It also helps to not store the safe in areas of high humidity.  You can also use desiccant bags to help absorb the moisture.
What is the difference between fireproof and fire resistant?
  • Fireproof is defined as not being able to be burned.   This can be confusing, because a safe can be fireproof for only a certain amount of time.  This amount of time is typically listed as a feature of the safe, i.e. 1 Hour Rated Fire Safe.  This means the safe is fireproof for 1 hour during a fire.
  • Fire Resistant is defined as treated material that is designed to discourage the spreading of flames.
What is a media safe?
A safe that store media is referred to as a "media safe". A media safe is designed to have a lower interior temperature during a fire to protect media, such as DVDs, CDs, Memory Sticks, Digital Cameras, and USB Drives.
How do I get extra keys for my safe?
  • If you lose your key(s), you will need to contact the manufacturer of the safe directly.  We are not a manufacturer, and unfortunately, cannot provide additional key(s).
  • If you are purchasing a safe and would like extra keys, you will need to wait until you receive the safe, then order additional keys.
The interior of my safe smells musty – How do I get rid of this smell?
Remove all the items from safe and wipe down the interior of the safe with a paste of baking soda and water.
What is a "B" Rated safe?
A "B" Rated safe is designed to protect against burglary and must have a door that is at least 1" thick, a body construction that is at least ½" thick and must be made of all steel.
What temperature does paper char at?
Paper will char at 405 degrees.
What is the temperature of an average house fire and how long does it last?
A typical house fire will last for 20 minutes and reach temperatures of 1200 degrees.
What is an Impact Rating?
Safes can fall through floors, and have the potential to bust open upon impact. An Impact Rating determines the amount of feet a safe can fall without busting open. There are typically two different ratings, a 15 Foot Impact (or drop) rating, or a 30 Foot Impact (or drop) rating.
Can all safes be bolted down to the ground?
No, not all safes have the ability to be bolted down to the ground. The safe should have pre drilled anchor holes to be bolted down to the ground. Some safes come with the hardware, and others do not. Please read the features section of each product to find out if the hardware is included with the safe and if the safe has pre drilled anchor holes.
How can a plastic safe be fire protected?
The plastic exterior of safes is designed to assist in the fire protective process. The outer coating and lock area will usually melt in a fire. Once the plastic melts it creates an air tight seal to keep the heat out and interior cool.
What is a liftgate and is it required for all deliveries?
A liftgate is a device that is used to lower the safe down from the back of a delivery truck to the ground. If there is not a business delivery dock available, a liftgate is required for delivery.
Does inside delivery include installation?
Inside delivery and installation are separate. Inside delivery will include placing the safe inside a location, but does not include bolting the safe down to the ground, placing the safe in a wall, or placing the safe in a floor.
When will my safe be shipped?
Depending on which safe you have selected, the lead time from the day you place an order until the day it ships can vary. Please refer to the lead time in the description of the safe. Occasionally safes will become sold out and we will have to back order safes. We will notify you via email if your order will not be shipped in the time listed as the lead time.
How do I get a new owner's manual for my safe?
Send us an email and we will either mail you a new manual, or email an electronic version of the manual.
What happens if I lose my combination?
If you lose your combination, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the safe directly. We are not a manufacturer, and unfortunately, cannot provide this information
Which is better a combination dial, electronic lock or key lock?
  • Safes come with a variety of different lock options.  There is not one lock type that is more secure than another, but there are big differences between the three.  One way to compare the lock types is to see if the locks have been tested by an outside body, such as U.L., or ETL.
    • A combination dial will typically come with the combination already set.  You can request a specific combination for any of the Hayman brand safes, however, all others come with the combination set.  If you would like to change the combination, you will need to contact a locksmith to change it.
    • An electronic lock will operate on batteries, and the batteries will need to be changed out once a year.  You will be able to change the combination any time you would, and as many times as you would like.  If the batteries die, the lock will remember the last combination. 
    • A key lock is available with a single lock, or on some safes, a dual key lock is available.  The key lock is the most basic form, and additional keys can be ordered. 
How do I start looking for a safe and what should I consider?
  • Step 1: What do you plan on storing in the safe?
    • This will help determine the size and type of rating the safe should have.
  • Step 2: What purpose would you like the safe to serve?
    • Do you want to protect the contents of the safe from Fire, Water, Theft, or all three?  Look at the ratings of the safes to see if they protect against one, two or all three of these.
  • Step 3: Where do you want to put the safe?
    • Do you want a safe to put in the floor, wall, garage, basement floor or another unique place?  There are many different types of safes that can fit in a variety of spaces.