About Us

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a safe for your gun or jewelry, or you would like to know more about weapons and home safety in general, we are the team that will answer to all your prayers, questions, and doubts. Every single person in this small, but carefully selected community finds that safety is the number one priority when it comes to homeownership and gun possession and that it’s the necessary piece of the puzzle that will make sure you live your life without fears and regrets.

We believe that it is up to us, as individuals, to make sure we hold the strings in our own hands, and leave nothing to chance. That means you should make sure to keep everything you find to be valuable safely stored and out of the reach of unwanted hands.

Our Mission

We don’t see the world as black and white, we don’t see the danger in every corner, but we chose to be careful, cautious, and responsible for both ourselves and others. That’s why we love the philosophy and lifestyle that comes with owning a safe. It’s the thing that will provide you with confidence and a clear, undisturbed mind that has been liberated from suspicion. Our mission is to make you see that as well, and overcome the prejudice that says vaults and safes are only for certain kinds of people.

Meet our team

Charles Brown – Editor-in-chief

Charles is the best shooter we know and by far the biggest geek when it comes to weapons and all the assortment of items that follow this subject. He is the person with a lot of interest who loves being up to date and well informed, and he appreciates open mind in every sense of the word. He is our biggest supporter but also the most honest critic.

Rodney Griffith – Staff writer

Rodney had a bad experience when it comes to home intrusion, and since then, he decided to take every possible measure of precaution in order to make sure nothing like that happens ever again. So he is definitely the person you want to consult in the subject of home security and gun safety. He is also a dog lover, the world’s biggest comics fan, and the father of three.

Irene Carroll – Staff writer

Irene started as a journalist in a small town in Arizona and then paved her way to the top. We are so proud to call her our colleague because she is such a professional and genuinely the nicest person we know. She became interested in weaponry when she was a little girl, given that her father and grandfather were the most passionate gun collectors. She likes to drink huge cups of coffee and to entertain us with the most interesting and silly stories every day.