Best Tips to secure your Homes this winter

Taking protective measurements is never a bad idea when it comes to safeguarding your family. Every year there are a number of cases filed for a security breach in winters. From a recent case study, it has been found that crimes rate increases by almost 6% in winters; when compared in summers.

All the credit goes to the darkness. As the nights are long, thieves and burglars get more time to do their jobs.

Not only the darkness which comes into the play, as with the start of November, festivals come to play their roles here. Parties and vacations start at this time of the year and as a result, untenanted houses are some of the other leads for the criminals.

As we get into the celebration, it is their time to rob us. Thus, getting a foolproof security is what you need. Here are some of the best security tips for your homes during this winter.


It is horrible to face a homicide when you are in the mood for celebration. Here are some of the tips which might help you with a hassle-free winter. Keep in mind these few tips as this can save quite a fortune for you.

Tips and Tricks

Clear your Walkway: This is nothing but playing with the minds of potential criminals. If you clear out the snow from the entrance of your house regularly, there is a chance that they will not target your house, as they will be clever enough to get a signal that the house is not empty.

Do not be careless while warming your car: It is quite frequently seen that car is being warmed in winters so that they can be in a running condition. However, while doing the same, many people leave their car with the ignition on and then stroll around outside. This can be dangerous as a smart thief will give you enough time to do his work there.Also do not put your gun, knife etc in your car, theifs can use that to harm you. Even if you have a gun, then you can put it under your car seat or in you can use a quick access gun safe.

Checking of Security Equipments: Every second house are now equipped with a security camera. However, when the winter hits your city and snowfall begin, one must check that equipment The reason behind this is the machines might malfunction with the snow on it. Another thing what these snow do is it cover the lenses of the cameras and a result is worth viewing is recorded whatsoever. If you can buy a gun as well as a gun safe for your home.

Lost keys backgroundPlay with your lights: This is again about fooling the burglars. Even if you are travelling at this time of the year, try to keep on your lights on. However, with all the latest technologies available in the market, time-switching lights are in the trend. These lights will turn on automatically as the Sun sets. These lights will be playing a huge role this winter in regards to home security.

Relocate your key hiding place: This is always recommended if your family has a tendency to hide keys around your house. As most of the thieves try to locate your keys outside your house. However, it is best to use a spare key or you can keep the key with one trusted neighbor while you go out to party this winter.

Security Alarms: Security alarms play a huge role in securing your house in any season. Perpetrators will think twice before approaching your house. From facial recognition to sound alarms everything single thing is now available on the market. So, know your need perfectly and buy a security alarm accordingly.

Thus it can be well concluded that keeping your house and family is not that tough if you keep some simple points mind. Here are some of the basic tips which you can well apply to safeguard your family. Thus this winter, keep checking some silly things and have a great time with your friends and family.


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