What is the Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe?

There is no doubt that owning a gun safe is the best possible idea if you are a gun owner, given that way, you will have a safe and secure space for your firearms and ammunition. But unfortunately, not everybody can afford one of these because gun safes can be pretty expensive. 

Now, given that it is essential for every shooter out there to be a responsible grownup who keeps his weaponry out of the reach of children and other curious individuals, it is necessary to find a solution that will provide you with a similar effect as a gun safe.

There are several solutions we believe are quite good, and it’s up to you to decide which one is the best for you. So if you are wondering what the best way to store guns without a safe is, keep on reading.

Things you should consider when deciding how to secure your firearms

When you start thinking about how to store a gun properly without a gun safe, you need to consider several factors. These aspects could help you make the right decision.


People who have children are definitely the ones who are the most concerned about their firearms being stored in an inappropriate and unsafe way. That’s because kids are quite curious, and there are huge chances they will look around searching for your gun on purpose. It’s simply in their nature. And let’s not forget about the fact so many deadly accidents happened when little ones found a hidden weapon and played with it without permission or supervision. That’s why you need to think of the best way to store guns if you don’t have a proper safe.

child reaching for a gun


You know what you can expect from people that live in your neighborhoods. If you are in an area where robberies and breaking-ins are quite common, you definitely should think about finding the proper way of storing your guns – somewhere that will be easy for you to approach it but hard for the burglars to find it. Maybe a hidden gun safe that’s in a shape of a clock or a book that’s pretty affordable could be a good idea.


It is important to understand that robbers and burglars are usually very experienced in what they do, and they probably know all the tricks and hacks people try to impose on them regarding hidden spots for weapons and other valuable items. That’s why you need to think really hard on how to store guns in an unusual way, so they cannot figure it out easily. Creativity is the key here, but if you don’t believe your home can provide you with what you need, then maybe investing in a smaller gun safe isn’t such a bad idea.

Alternative solutions to gun safe

We do believe that having a gun safe is the best solution in this matter because it can allow you to have quick and easy access to your firearms while keeping them safe and protected from unwanted hands. But we are aware not every gun owner has an opportunity to purchase it, so we suggest you think about one of these options that could do the work.

Remember, you do not need a gun safe to keep your weapon secured, you just need to be creative and use your brain.

guns stored in the hidden compartment

Option 1: Gun cabinet

In case you do have a certain budget but not enough for a big and serious gun safe, you may think about investing in a gun cabinet. This piece of furniture can come in two different versions – one is a display cabinet that will make all of your firearm visible and on disposal to other members of your household, and the other is a regular cabinet with a secret compartment where you can hide your guns and ammunition.

This other option is probably better if you don’t want people to be aware you are keeping your weapons in that particular place. Now regarding the first choice – display cabinet, it can be useful as well if you find a way to keep the firearms away from unwanted hands. You can achieve that by using a steel cable, for instance, and a padlock.

gun secured with red lockOption 2: Gun case

Having a gun case is a good but not the best option if what you are looking for is a higher level of safety. It is an affordable piece that mostly looks like a guitar case with soft or hardcovers, and it can usually welcome both rifles and guns. Gun cases come in different shapes and sizes, but what’s common for all of them is that you can use them to store your firearms and place them under the bed, on top of the closed, behind the shelves, etc.

Option 3: Security case

Unlike regular gun cases, security cases have a lock that can provide an additional layer of security for your guns. Just like the previously mentioned item, they can be shipped differently, as a strong box, or as a locker-sized cabinet, for instance. They can be larger or smaller, which is ideal given you can choose them according to how big and numerous your weapons are.

According to experts in this field, their flexibility is their biggest advantage. Now bear in mind that even if they do have a lock, those systems are quite basic, and pretty much any thief will be able to break it. 

Option 4: Trigger lock

And in the end, something a bit different. If you are looking for a way to keep your kids safe in the presence of a gun, we suggest you think about using a trigger lock. It is a system that will make sure no gun accidents happen in your house, and there are so many people who rely on it with reason.

Trigger locks are extremely affordable and practical, and they can be installed on pretty much any type of firearm. There are several different versions of it available on the market, so you should ask around about which one would be ideal for your particular gun.

two table lamps pointing at the rifle


As you can see, there are ways to protect you, other members of your family, and your firearm from being misused or stolen. Gun safes are not the only option you have, even though most people believe exactly that.

If you are considering finding a good option for storing your weaponry, go through the list of reasons we mentioned above and decide which one would work the best for you. We do believe they are a quite valid option that could make a difference.

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