12 Best Cannon Gun Safes 2024 – Store Valuable Belongings

The possession of a gun safe has so many benefits. If you own one of these, or you are planning to welcome it to your home or office space, you will have a secure place where you can put away your weapon, ammunition, and other gun gear items, but also, a place where you can keep all your other valuable belongings.

Best Choice
Cannon Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16 Landmark 3220 Executive Safe, Hammertone/Chocolate/Tan/Brown
Cannon Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16 Landmark 3220 Executive Safe, Hammertone/Chocolate/Tan/Brown
Best Choice
Cannon Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16 Landmark 3220 Executive Safe, Hammertone/Chocolate/Tan/Brown
Cannon Safe LM3220-H10HEC-16 Landmark 3220 Executive Safe, Hammertone/Chocolate/Tan/Brown

Thanks to the gun safe, everything you place in it will be protected and out of reach from intruders or children, which is important in terms of safety.

Now when it comes to the Cannon brand, they are a well-known, established, and highly appreciated company that has been on the market since 1965.

They are producing all types of safes, including gun security boxes, and they believe so much in the quality of their product that they are ready to offer you a lifetime warranty. Here is the list of the best gun safes they have in their assortment.

Top Picks Cannon Gun Safes to Buy

1. Cannon Safe LM3220-h10hec-16


The first Cannon gun safe we present to you is the one that’s traditionally designed, in a beautiful brown shade, with a large amount of space for your guns, ammo, and other weapon accessories. It’s created in a way that will allow you to place it in your closet, underneath the desk, or any other space-conscious location.

It comes with two adjustable shelves, as well as pouches attached to the inside of the door, so you can organize your things in a better way. It’s very durable and sturdy, high-quality made, and four live bolts will prevent thieves from entering it.


  • High-quality made
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • 60-minute fire rating
  • Electronic lock

2. Cannon Safe AE594024-60-h1fec-17

Cannon-Safe-AE594024-60-H1FEC-17a.jpg (550×300)


Here is another great option if you are looking for a gun safe made by Cannon. It’s quite big, so it can store a little under 50 guns. The precise amount depends on the gun type, and the decision to keep ammunition and weapon gear in it as well.

The interior of the safe is adjustable, so you can place some shelves and align only guns, but also, you can remove them and make room for rifles. There are also two pouches and a MOLLE system at the door that can help you keep some documents and smaller items well organized. The whole safe is padded from the inside, which means your belongings won’t be damaged.

This safe, too, just like the previous one, has a 60 minutes fire rating, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your guns in case of fire, at least for one hour. The electric lock and four live bolts will keep everything inside protected from intruders.

Also, you will find a USB connector and an internal power inside of the safe, which can be quite practical. This item has great reviews, so it’s not an accident it found a place on our top five Cannon safes list.


  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Multiple gun capacity
  • High-quality made
  • Electronic lock
  • Adjustable interior

3. Cannon Safes Commander CO43


The capacity of this Commander safe is a bit smaller than the one we previously reviewed since it can keep up to 36 guns. It has a firm and sturdy base and a thick door with nine active locking bolts. There are five shelves you will find to be super practical for the organization of your weaponry, and one high storage space for rifles.

The inside of the door has multiple stockings and pouches that can be used for smaller items and documents, so the interior can welcome other things besides guns, like money, jewelry, electronic devices, etc.

You should know that in this safe shelves are not adjustable, so you won’t be able to move them. But on the other side, on a benefits list, the fire rating of this safe is 90 minutes, which is quite special. Most vaults have fire protection for a maximum of one hour.

The safe is made from 10 gauge steel, so the intruders won’t be able to break it, and it’s very heavy, so it won’t be necessary to attach it to the wall or ground. Round edges and hand-finished pinstriping makes it very elegant and good looking.


  • Ten gauge steel
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Nine locking bolts
  • Non-adjustable shelves
  • 90 minutes fire rating

4. Cannon Safes Valley Forge


This safe is a fantastic mixture of security features and value for storing everything you believe should be protected behind the locking mechanism. The electronic unlocking system that can be very easily used by simply entering the right digital code is its main characteristic.

The safe has enough space for you to keep up to 42 guns, but thanks to the fact it can be customized with shelves, you can make some room for long rifles as well. There are a lot of pouches and bags at the inside of the door you can use for storing documents and other belongings.

The item we are talking about has a triple fin intumescent smoke seal for some extra protection, as well as 45 minutes fire rating, which is shorter than the average period of time safes are protected from fire. The four live locking bolts and patented TruLock internal hinges will prevent thieves from breaking in and stealing your weapons.

The Valley Forge safe is California DOJ approved, and it comes with a lifetime replacement promise provided by the manufacturer. It is the perfect choice for your home or office space if you possess several firearms.


  • 45 minutes fire rating
  • Shelves and pouches included
  • High-quality made
  • Easy to access
  • Electronic lock

5. Cannon Home Essentials Safe CS3220


The last one on our list is this Cannon Home Essential safe that’s perfect and big enough to keep all your valuable belongings protected. It’s made of steel, in a high-quality manner, and it comes in an elegant brown color that brings in a bit of an old-school vibe.

This safe can welcome your guns, ammunition, and other gear of this kind, but you can also keep your cash, jewelry, laptop, documents, cameras, and other important items inside of it. The interior is padded, so your things will be protected from scratching and damage.

Home Essential is another fireproof safe that will protect your belongings even in a case of fire. And the fact there are sturdy and durable locking bolts, as well as an electronic locking system, you won’t have to worry about intruders too.

The composite door patented TruLock hinges represent other security features that are highly appreciated by the safe owners since they like to have guarantee no one will be able to break in. The safe comes with a lifetime warranty, just like all other Cannon products of this kind.


  • Perfect for home use
  • High-quality made
  • Elegant design
  • Electronic lock
  • Padded interior


Why Choose Cannon Gun Safes?

The Cannon has been presented at the market for decades, and they, as a brand, have a great reputation. If you are planning to invest some money in this type of security item, you should definitely consider a manufacturer with this kind of experience, and the one that’s known for its quality.

Cannon gun safes have very sturdy and durable construction, they are easy to use, they have a lot of space, excellent security measures installed, and they come with a lifetime warranty. That last statement should be enough to convince you, if not everything else because it says a lot about the brand’s confidence in their products.

Things to Consider When Buying Cannon Gun Safes

1. Fire Protection

Fire Protection

All Cannon safes are made in a way they can withstand fires and temperatures that go up to 1200 degrees Ferenhites. The time they can spend in this situation and still keep your belongings protected is different, and it goes from half an hour to 90 minutes, but the fact you won’t have to worry about your belongings in this type of situation is priceless.

Also, thanks to the Triple Fin Intumescent Heat Seal system Cannon uses, your things will be protected from smoke that occurs when the outside temperature reaches 260 degrees of Ferenhites.

2. Security Systems

These safes have outstanding anti-burglary features. First of all, their construction is made for super durable steel hard-plates, as well as from extra-thick doors that have live locking bolts built-in. Besides that, their products have implemented anti-pry tabs that will prevent burglars from finding a suitable gap between the door and the bolts.

Another thing they are famous for is the fact they use patented TruLock internal hinges that are much stronger than the regular ones. That will guarantee extra security for your safe since those hinges cannot be cut out.

3. Interior Customization

Interior Customization

Most Cannon gun safes have quite a lot of space that’s very well organized. Thanks to the adjustable or non-adjustable shelves, you will be able to welcome a great number of handguns, even a couple of rifles, and align everything in a way that will provide you with visibility and easy access.

Also, they all have additional stripes and pouches on the inside of the door, where you can keep documents and other smaller items.

4. Warranty

The warranty is a super important thing you need to consider when buying a gun safe, since it’s something you probably plan on having for a long time, and the price of those items is not so low.

Cannon is one of the leaders in this industry, and therefore it will offer you a lifelong warranty that can be fully transferable to other family members. Besides that, they will give you a promise to repair or replace your safe for free in case it damages during a natural disaster, fire, or burglary attempt.


You have to agree that you won’t be wrong to immediately order one of these safes. They have all the security measures in place, a great amount of place, fantastic warranty, and super sturdy but also elegant design, so your home or office esthetic won’t be disrupted by them.

You just need to decide which one is the best solution for you and your needs. We suggest you keep all your valuables beside guns in here because then you will be absolutely sure that no matter what happens, things you kept inside will be safe and protected.

Cannon Safe Cannon Sierra 42 Gun Safe with 45 Min Fire Protection, Hammertone Black
  • 45-Minute Fire protection
  • Split shelving
  • Triple hard plate
  • Cannon's patented tru-lock internal hinges
  • Ca DOJ approved
Cannon CS72 Executive Series Safe 43.8 CuFt, 60 min Fire Protection, 45" W x 28" D x 59" H,...
  • The CS72 is packed with security features including Cannon’s patented TRUlock internal hinges, a triple hard plate to shield against drill attacks,...
  • UL lock 72 Gun capacity
  • Residential Limited Warranty: Free repair or replacement of safe after Fire, Burglary or Natural Flood # 1 warranty in the business
SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof XX-Large Steel Floor Safe with Digital Keypad Lock, Large Gun...
  • Fireproof safe is ELT Verified to endure 1/2 hour at 1400°F to protect irreplaceable documents and valuables from fire
  • Waterproof safe is ETL Verified for 72 hours of protection in water up to 12 inches deep offering peace of mind in the event of a flood
  • Set your own digital combination safe for strong security; fire safe features five live-locking bolts and four deadbolts, solid steel construction,...
  • Exterior: 21.7 inch W x 19 inch D x 37.7 inch H; Interior: 19.4 inch W x 11.7 inch D x 35.7 inch H; extra large 4.7 cubic foot capacity; weighs 217...
  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of four high-quality, name branded, alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years...
20 Long Gun Max Cap.- 1 Hr. Fire Protection Gun Safe- Blk- AMEGS5928-EMP
  • Maximum 20 (10/10) long gun capacity (Average Capacity: 12-16 long guns).
  • Total of (10) 1.5” diameter solid steel locking bolts, (7) chrome plated active bolts, with an additional (3) inactive bolts on the hinge side for a...
  • Semi-gloss textured powder coat black with silver pin striping and polished chrome lever handle, Fully upholstered grey interior that features a...
  • This product includes: Includes: 200gram Dry Pack (unless upgraded), Automatic L.E.D. Interior Lighting, Heavy Duty Interior Door Organizer, E.M.P....
Langger V Gun Safe for Rifle, Upgraded Quick Access 5-6 Gun Large Rifle Gun Security Cabinet for...
  • 【Quick Firearm Access and INTEGRALLY WELDED Safe】Feel confident protecting your firearms with Langger updated electronical gun safe. The digital...
  • 【Larger and Deeper Rifle Safe】Larger and deeper rifle safe than similar ones, accommodates practically anywhere for up to 5 rifles up to 51" long....
  • 【Lock Box, Removable Storage Shelf and Handgun Rest】Rifle safe has a separate lock box and a removable storage shelf inside, The lock box can...
  • 【MAXIMUM SECURITY, Silent Mode and Alarm】The safe is Tamper-resistant and crafted with steel, in high strength and solid structure. The 1.2" thick...
  • 【Easy Installation】Came with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware. Pre-drilled mounting holes in the back and at the bottom of the gun security...
SecureIt Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe: Model 40 - Holds 6 Rifles and uses CradleGrid Tech,...
  • ULTRALIGHT GUN SAFE – Don't let a traditional gun safe slow you down. The Agile 40 is strong and durable, yet lightweight so you can relocate around...
  • KEY OVERRIDE - A keypad control panel with the addition of a hidden key override as back up, keeps all contents secured.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE - Comes standard with SecureIt’s CradleGrid Technology for organized and adaptable storage. CradleGrid system allows adjustment on...
  • STEEL LOUVERED PANEL - Heavy-duty steel cabinet with louvered back panel grid for straight-line access which allows you to reach each firearm without...
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED - The Agile 40 comes with 6 upper cradles with removable bungees, 3 stock bases storing any 6 firearms up to 39" in length.
Cannon Safe E913-CPAN-17 Edge Mini Personal Safe by Cannon, Black
  • Premium interior
  • Removable shelf
  • 2 active locking bolts
  • Dual alarm system
  • Programmable, twist to open digital lock
Steelwater Gun Safes - Basic Series 18 Long Rifle Max Capacity - AMBCD551920
  • Fire Proof for 45 minutes @ 1200 degrees-Fahrenheit
  • 18 Long Gun Max Capacity
  • Recomended Average Long Gun Capacity 10-12
  • E.M.P. proof locking system
  • High Security, Double Bitted Bypass Key
39 Long Gun Max Cap. -1 Hr. Fire Protection -Heavy Duty Gun Safe -Blk -AMLD593924-EMP
  • Maximum 39 (13/13/13) long gun capacity (Average Capacity: 24-30 long guns).
  • Total (20) 1 ½” diameter solid steel locking bolts, (13) chrome plated active bolts, with an additional (7) inactive bolts on the hinge side for a...
  • Semi-gloss textured powder coat black finish with silver pin stripping and polished chrome 5-spoke handle, Fully upholstered grey interior that...
  • This product Includes: 200gram Dry Pack (unless upgraded), Automatic L.E.D. Interior Lighting, UL Listed Interior Power Supply, Heavy Duty Interior...

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