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If you have heard the FBI reported there are around one million burglaries in the USA every year, you must be concerned about the safety of your own home, for sure. Even though you should not start panicking, there are things you can and should do in order to increase the level of security in your own house. If you do everything right, you will prevent thieves and burglars from entering your private property, and that way, remain calm and safe.

Here are a couple of home security tips you can implement right away.

Secure the Exterior Doors

It may sound crazy, but most burglars will try to enter your home by using your front exterior door. That’s why it is essential first to secure this spot. There are several things that are considered to be the weak points you need to handle – the lockset and the handle, the mounting screws and hinges, the door frame, and the strength of the door itself. The patio door and French door are particularly alarming, so make sure all these things are covered with some extra security.

First of all, you need to know that the spring-latch lock on your door handle, the one that’s mostly used, can be very easily manipulated, so you should consider replacing it with a sturdy deadbolt lock. Then, you should buy and install door armor kits that are quite difficult to break through. They usually come with three-inch-long screws that are a much better choice than those short ones that come with the door hardware, as well as with metal framing you can place around lock hardware.

Given that sliding doors are your weakest link, you should definitely add the auxiliary locks on them. You have the option of using security bars, loop locks, or vertical bolt locks. The French doors should have a security bar that’s not very attractive but will decrease the possibility of anyone uninvited coming to your house and rob it.

Also, take into consideration to adjust all door hinge pins in a way they are facing the interior, in order to avoid burglars to easily access your home. That means a lot of force will be needed to take down the exterior doors, which will probably force them to give up and move on. And the last thing – if you have a glass front door you can add security film on it which will make it harder to break.

Secure All Your Windows

Of course, you love having a lot of windows in your home. They provide you with a lot of light and beautiful esthetics. But, the truth is – more windows there are on your walls, more fragile you are in the context of being potentially robbed. However, there are many security solutions you can implement when it comes to your windows, old or new, to make sure you are safe and protected from the intruders.

First, make sure you have a strong glass shield that won’t be easily broken. For that purpose, you can use acrylic windows or simple reinforced glass. So if the burglar tries to shatter it and see it’s not going as he planned, he will probably give up. Also, bear in mind that having multiple glass panels is better than relying on only one because it will give additional strength to your windows.

There are certain devices you can use as well, for the protection of your windows. You can, for example, use a simple and quite affordable gadget in the shape of aftermarket window locks in order to prevent your windows from being forcibly opened. Then, there is also an option of using exterior window bars that will most definitely keep you safe. They can look very decorative too, so the esthetic of your house won’t be destroyed.

Secure Garage Door

Most houses have a garage where they keep their cars, tools, and other belongings stored. Given that they are quite big and therefore unable to open discreetly, most burglars won’t try using them, but just in case they do, here are some safety tips you can implement.

You can use a garage door sensor, which will let you know with the sound of alarm whenever your garage door is being opened. There is an option of implementing it in the existing door or buying a new-aged door that has this feature already built-in. Some doors even have an ability to close on their own when they are opened for too long.

Another option is to install super bright motion-sensing lights in your garage, which will bring huge attention to this area if anyone who shouldn’t suppose to be there breaks in. In case intruders manage to enter your garage, you need to make sure they don’t get past them. That means installing deadbolts in your door that leads from the garage to your home.

Also, here is another smart tip – do not leave your garage door openers in your cars. We know that most of you do that because it’s a practical and easy solution, but that way, you are giving the burglars an opportunity to get to them by breaking in your car, which sometimes is not that hard. And after they get your garage opener, the burglary will be a piece of cake for them.

Some Additional Tips

Make your home looks occupied

It’s extremely rare burglars will try to enter a home while there are people in it. They will most likely wait for you to go on vacation, for example, and for the house to remain empty. So it is extremely important to make it look like it’s occupied, even when you are not there at the moment. You can do that by leaving your lights on or your lamps on a timer, which will create an effect people are using several rooms at that moment. Then, you should leave your television and radio on, because the noise will make intruders go away. And remember to leave some curtains open, so they can see the lights switch and feel like there is nothing you are trying to hide.

Install a home security system

Getting a home security system is definitely a good idea, but this can be helpful only when the break-in already happens. Some security experts believe that it’s much more essential to put on signs your house is protected by this kind of system in every entry point in order to scare the burglars away. They will know that if they get into the house, they will have just a couple of minutes before the police show up at the scene.

Install the exterior lights

It’s imperative your front and back yard are very well illuminated and bright. That way, you will disable the intruder’s attention to hide in a bush, behind a car, a shed, or some other object because there will be a great chance he will be noticed. Also, if you have lights that are working on a motion sensor, anyone who tries to come close to your home will be announced by it. It’s also essential you have good lighting in places where your security cameras are, so you can get a clear image of those who potentially tried to break in.

Own a dog

This one may seem a bit banal and too obvious, but it is a solution that has been proved as quite successful. Not everybody is afraid of dogs, and most dogs won’t attack the strangers per se, but they will bark loud and clear, just enough to attract your attention. And if you see someone sneaking around your home, an unfamiliar face, there is a good chance you will call the authorities. And burglars know that. So the barking dog can be a perfect solution for this kind of a problem – a real live loud security alarm.

Own a safe or gun safe

In case it does happen intruders get inside of your home unnoticed, you really don’t want them to find and take your valuable belongings like money, jewelry, some other expensive pieces, documents, or God forbid, your weapon. So you should definitely own traditional home safes or gun safes where you can hide all these things. The modern, biometric versions can be opened only by your fingerprints or by the code only you know, which means that there won’t be a chance thieves will get to take what you hide over there.


Yes, it’s pretty scary even thinking about the possibility of your home becoming a burglary target. But we must face the fact that these things are happening quite often and that we need to do everything in our power to prevent that scenario. It means you will have to spend some money on these security measures, the money you probably wanted to spend on some other things, but you will see that the feeling of taking some steps on keeping your beloved ones safe is simply priceless.

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