Home Security without Using Firearms

Home invasion in America is no more a strange pomp rather it is now randomly taking place in various states (I may emphasize upon Alaska and Texas) of America.

As per some legal reports from FBI one out of thirty-six house is expected to face burglary. It is quite alarming. But the most horrifying fact is one of the latest surveys show that in 2017, around 1 million case home burglaries occurred when the household was present.

And no wonder the presence of the households during the burglary lead them to face violently. According to a report around 266560 people faced violence due to house invasion. This alarming sight is all that can drive you to Insomnia.

Replacements of Firearms

As per the alarming condition home, security is mandatory but many of the states of America has legally banned firearms. When an intruder enters you cannot meet him with bare hands. So, without guns or any type of firearms, there are many more useful weapons are out there that can help you from an intruder.



A knife is probably the first thing that comes to our find for self-defense after any firearms. So, here, yes. A knife can be all that can save your life from an unwanted intruder. Make sure you get a perfect sized knife. I mean to say that you must choose a knife that is not too short. Having a short knife, you will have to go closer to the intruder that is too dangerous. So, get a knife and stab the intruder to set yourself free.

Home Security System

Home security systems come with an alarm. It’s pretty obvious that all the burglars may have the tools that can handle your locks but home security system ensures alarms that start ringing. Thus you get to know about the intruder. Or the noise of the alarm can frighten the intruder also and make him run. If you own a gun, then buy a gun safe ( we recommend some cheap and under bed gun safe) which will product your home and family.


One can install the camera outside the house. The camera can be connected to the smartphone. So the household can easily watch it out what is going on outside the house.

Flood Lights:

None of the intruders will surely want to be disclosed. They have one thing in common that they want to be visible. So, a floodlight outside your house will lessen the possibilities of an invasion as the intruders will seriously be afraid of the high range light.


Pepper Spray:

Pepper spray is the most effective one so far. Pepper spray has the Oleoresin Capsicum, the chemical thing that creates fierce burn right into the eyes. So, it can surely secure you from a sudden invader. Again you may also use aerosol. But excessive use of aerosol can permanently make the person blind. You must ensure a safe use of it.


So Instead of using any gun or firearms one can also protect with these products. Firearms can turn out to be so dangerous anytime. It can also kill anyone and thus you may get into some trouble. So, use these tools. They are less harmful and safe for you as well.


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