How To Decide The Most Appropriate Position To Place A Handgun Safe?

Have you have finally purchased a gun safe for guarding your weapons? Congratulations! Now, the next thing that will be running in your mind will be – where do I keep it?  As a matter of fact, the position of your gun safe is more significant than the gun safe itself!

A decided concealed place will help you in protecting the gun safe and will also make up for the low quality of the gun safe. The place where you keep a gun safe will make all the difference after you have bought the safe. So given below are some useful tips which will help you zero in on a perfect location for your gun safe. Have a look at them:

Prepare a list of places that can work

Even before you get yourself a gun safe, prepare a list of where you intend to keep the safe. The location must be kind of hidden but at the same time reachable to you. Note this: it should never be in your guest room as it is easily accessible by the people you know or even strangers who might come to your home

Basement or terrace can be included in the options but it depends upon the movability of the safe. Most people would prefer their bedrooms or store rooms located on the same floor.

Examine the risks

Once you’ve counted your options, your next act should be to analyze the risks involved. As a responsible gun operator and owner, your prime concern should be to keep the safe out of reach of children and other people in your home. After that, your next step should be to protect your guns from robbery and other incidents

Please read through for the possible risks and their aversion tips:


This can be the most frustrating thing.  So you have to place the safe at a position where any other person doesn’t have a direct contact with the safe. Usually, robbers directly head to the bedrooms as most of the valuables are kept there, so you have to keep your safe away from the prying eyes of the robbers.

Natural disasters

Usually. most of the guns are burn resistant but you still have to take care of the location and place the gun as high as possible so that in the case of a minor fire incident it stays protected.


Placing the gun safe

Next thing after you are sorted with finalizing the place options, you have to zero in a place to keep the gun safe. Burly weight and sturdy build material do not guarantee protection, a thief might still open it with a saw. So what’s the solution here? Well, fixing the gun safe to the floor makes it impossible to detach it from the ground. Anchoring the gun safe to the ground adds to the power of the gun safe. Hiring experts to help with the installation services will make your job easier.

Type of flooring

Type of flooring is a significant feature if you are planning to fix the gun safe to the ground.

  • Hardwood flooring is better than tiles and marbles floors.
  • Burly concrete floors are preferred to carpets.
  • Talk to the carpenter and measure the size and check for the weight limit of the floor so that it can handle the gun safe.
  • Before fixing the gun safe to the ground, look for electrical connections and other connections on the floor.
  • Leveled ground will help in better anchoring of the gun safe.

So here’s a nice video showing three ways you could use to install the safe to a concrete floor

The final verdict:

In my opinion, it is better to keep your gun safe in a bedroom and keep it anchored to the floor so that it is protected from theft and other natural incidents. I hope you found the tips useful.

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