How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key or Combination?

We received not once a question from people who own and use home safes about how to open a combination safe without the combination.

It may sound silly, but the reality is it can happen to anyone to simply forget the right combination code, especially if they haven’t used the safe for quite some time. Also, there is another matter when it’s necessary to restart the whole system, so again, we need to know how to enter it without a passcode.

Today we are going to focus on how to open Sentry safe without keys since the interest for this matter, specifically tied to this brand of home safes, was the biggest for quite some time.

Bear in mind that this isn’t some complicated procedure, it’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do is follow several steps we will present in the lines below. Also, we have to underline the fact that this isn’t a guideline for thieves – we are now going to show you how to open only your own Sentry safe in the matter where authentication is needed.

First Method: Crack the Password

In case you completely forgot what your safe passcode was, we suggest you try cracking it. Even though this sounds like quite a work that will take hours of your time, it actually doesn’t have to be that way.

For starters, you should know that combination dial-in Sentry safes has three to four wheels, depending on how their passwords are combined, and that it would be good for you to know their exact number in order to speed up this process.

When it comes to solving this problem, you also should bear in mind that every combination guide suggests you start from 0 and move clockwise, in increasing order. It would be best to try every possible sequence to successfully crack the passcode in the shortest time frame.

Thanks to the fact the safe’s spindle is positioned on the inner side of the dial, you will be able to rotate the lock quickly.

Second Method: Use the Key

Most Sentry safes have two unlocking options – a keyhole and a combination pad. So if you forgot your entering code, but you still have a key, then you will be alright for sure. Sometimes it’s even recommended to use a key instead of a combination code because of the matters of safety – if you are somewhere in public where someone may see you typing your code, for instance.

The key is actually a great way to quickly get to your belongings, and all you have to do is this – to stand in front of your safe and check if you are completely alone, after which you may feel free to insert your adequate key into the safe’s lock. In most cases, the key lock will be positioned right beside the combination lock, at least when it comes to Sentry safes. Now turn the key and open the door of the safe.

Know that you should never keep the door wide open for security reasons, and you should always be quick with getting your belongings in or out of the safe. After you are finished, you should close the door and check twice if the safe is properly locked again.

Potential Problems

Is it Actually Possible to Crack a Safe

There are situations when people struggle to open their safes, one way or another, so we need to confront those scenarios and see what our options are. As you probably know, it can happen for your combination lock to simply stop working. If that happens, the first thing you need to do is carefully check if you inserted the right passcode.

You wouldn’t believe how often people actually get the combination wrong. But if that’s not the case, the problem may lie in the fact the lock is unable to scan the code. In order to fix that problem, you will have to call customer support, but that will take time, so make sure you have an alternative unlocking option.

Now, the answer to the question how to open a Sentry safe without the combination is very simple – by using a key. But that also can be a problem sometimes. Sentry safe owners have reported their keys weren’t working from time to time, and the company’s most common response was for them to check if they are turning the key in the wrong direction.

If that’s not the case, then maybe there’s something inside the keyhole that’s preventing the key from doing its job. In that situation, you will again have to call the support team to fix the problem. And if you are wondering are all Sentry safe keys the same, you should know that they are not – each safe has its unique lock and key.


How to Open a Sentry Safe FAQ

1. How to Easily Crack the Combination Lock?

If you are having trouble opening your combination lock, we suggest you contact customer service and explain the problem to them. They will offer you the easiest and simplest way to deal with this problem after they check your authorization and ask you some questions. The other option is to try every possible sequence of the code, starting from 0, but that will most definitely take some time.

2. Is It Illegal to Open a Combination Lock Without an Authorization?

It’s most certainly not legal to try cracking the combination lock without official authorization, at least if we are talking about almost all the countries in the United States.

According to the government and the law, anyone who tries to open a safe without the approval of the concerned individual will be considered to be a thief, even if we are talking about another member of the family.


Cracking Sentry safe’s combination locks is not that difficult, but it will either take some time if you decide to do it alone, as well as authorization, or help from customer service.

But it would be best to have an alternative solution in the shape of a key that could allow you to approach your belongings the easiest way. Sure, things can go wrong in that compartment as well, but it’s quite unlikely.

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