Jogging While Carrying

If you like running early in the morning, or late at night, if you are passing through some non-crowded and abandoned places, or maybe through woods, you are probably not feeling safe at some moments. Regular physical activity is so important for various reasons, and there’s really no need for you to deny yourself your daily routine. Instead, you can make sure you are protected no matter what, by carrying a gun while jogging. That’s why today we are going to talk about concealed carry for runners.

Why concealed carry while running?

There are so many examples of runners being attacked by an animal, a thief, a sexual predator, or a junky. You wouldn’t believe some stories we heard about and how incredibly often that happens. That’s why you need to make sure you have some sort of defensive mechanism or a tool on you. And don’t be naive thinking these things happen to women only. There are examples of strong and tall men being victims of these unfortunate circumstances as well.

The main problem with runners is the fact they are exhausted by the activity they are engaged with, and if the attack happens, they usually don’t have enough strength to defend themselves properly. So no matter if we are talking about an assault by an animal or a human, having a weapon on you, can help you save your life and avoid some catastrophic scenarios.

Concealed carry jogging holsters

When it comes to concealed carry running gear, there’s no doubt that there are so many options you can choose from, but the question is how effective each one of them will actually be. There are several gun holsters that can provide you with concealed carry, that’s for sure, but are all of them suitable for runners who are in a constant move? The answer is no. Some of them will keep your weapon well hidden, but they will disturb and annoy you because they will limit your movement and prevent you from having a natural running flow. So let’s see what you can expect from some popular solutions regarding running holsters.

Traditional IWB and OWB holsters

If you own one of these holster types, you probably thought you could use it for running purposes. But as it turns out, that might not be such a great idea. First and foremost, the running gear is usually made from some sort of stretchy fabric that’s not firm enough to hold on the weight of your holster and a gun. Also, the waistbands on shorts or leggings are pretty elastic, and you may end up with your clothes sliding down your body if you attach a waist holster on them.

So even if you have the lightest possible gun on you, this will not be the best solution, the outcome will always be the same. Now, even if somehow you manage to hold your IWB or OWB on the waistband, there’s another issue to think about. The weight of the gun will certainly create additional pressure on your hips while jogging, and that can lead to feeling pain in this area or causing some sort of hip damage after some time.

Ankle holsters

Ankle holsters do seem like an excellent choice, given they won’t mess up with your clothes, and they won’t stand in your way when it comes to running movement. But, they will be an extra weight on one of your legs, which can be a problem. Those situations when people put ankle weights on both of their legs are not an issue because the added burden is equal. But in this case, with an ankle holster, you will have an extra weight only on one side. That can lead to being clumsy and possibly hurting yourself in the way you would never when running freely, without that gun gear piece of equipment.

The other thing you should bear in mind is the fact you cannot carry your gun in a concealed way with this sort of a holster. Either it will be widely exposed, or it will print on your running clothes. Also, bear in mind that reaching for the gun all the way to your ankle can be a bit of a challenge while running. That can put you in great danger if you meet eye-to-eye with your attacker, and it could prevent you from reacting fast and managing to draw out the gun.

Chest and waist packs

As you can see, carrying a gun while running isn’t that simple as it seems. If you don’t find holsters as an adequate solution for you, maybe you should think about using waist or chest packs. Many runners claim that this is the best possible solution for their needs and that there are several benefits that will turn you into a pack lover, but there are also some concerns you cannot ignore.

These packs are compact, they come with one or several straps that go around your body, and they can be worn in various different ways. They have enough space for standard-sized guns, and they will remain near your body even if you are in a movement. But, on the other hand, they are not as practical for gun carry as it seems.

They are pretty bouncy, and they usually come with a zipper, which means it can take some time for you to manage to unzip the pack and take out your weapon. In situations where you are scared or attacked, you will probably find this very challenging and not effective enough. However, if you decide to purchase one, please make sure you use a trigger guard or some sort of a pocket holster as well, in order to make sure your gun is safe and that no accidents can happen regarding unintentional firing. 

Jogger concealment holster pack

What’s obvious is that carrying a classical chest or waist packs won’t provide you with concealed carry. They both go on top of your clothes and are visible to everyone. Even if you place them under your shirt, they will print badly, and that way, you will have an even bigger problem when it comes to reaching for your gun. The optimal solution is to use belly bands that are partial packs instead. They are a pretty good option for joggers since they have enough space for a gun, and they won’t bounce like standard packs given they stay tight against your body. They sometimes come with an anti-sweat fabric, specially designed for runners, that will protect your weapon from moisture.

Belly bands

Very similar to these partial belly packs are traditional belly bands that can be attached directly to your skin. They are very popular among active joggers since they can be worn under light clothes, and since they are usually very breathable and comfortable to wear. But also because of the fact the gun will remain in its place no matter how quickly and in which way you move.

They can come in various different shapes, and they can have pretty simple or a bit more complex design, but their mechanism of action is always the same. They are definitely the better option than the regular waist holsters we mentioned above, and these models can provide a secure place for many different gun models. That means you can use the same belly band for all pieces of weaponry you possess, without having to change it. Some of them even come with a trigger cover and a retention strap.

Concealment clothing

Not all people are familiar with the fact that concealment clothing even exists. But it does, and it can do the job quite well. We are talking about running gear equipment that comes with a gun holster attached to it, like concealment shorts. This piece of clothing looks like compression shorts, it is usually worn under the sweatpants or regular running shorts, and it has a pocket for your pistol.

Concealment clothing is pretty reliable, and there is very little chance for your gun not to stay in its place since there is usually a retention strap included. Also, you can find concealment clothing for both women and men. But it is recommended to practice pulling out your gun from it first, before you actually go running, given that it’s not that easy as it looks, at least when it comes to drawing with only one hand.

Tips for runners with concealed carry

If concealed carry while jogging is something you are facing for the first time, there are some things you need to know and prepare yourself for. The fact is, having a gun on you while running is not something you probably wished for, but since we are living in a world where danger lurks around every corner, it turns out it’s sometimes a necessary thing. That’s why we prepared a few suggestions that will make this change much easier for you.

Pay attention!

First things first. No matter if you are carrying a gun while jogging or not, you need to make sure your eyes are wide open and that your danger sensors are always on. The reality of having a gun on you won’t be enough to keep you safe all the time. You need to pay attention to your surroundings, especially if you are in an abandoned place where there are no other people. It would be good to take off your headphones and focus on what’s going on around you. Of course, you should not be panicking, we know that this is your time to relax, but at some points, some extra consciousness would be good. In case there is a threat, you need to have enough time to prepare yourself and take out your gun.

Learn how to use a gun

We assume you know to handle a gun if you own one and plan on using it, but if you don’t, this is the time to learn. You cannot allow yourself to carry on a weapon while not being fully familiar with all of its components, mechanism, and the way it works. Also, in order to make sure you can defend yourself properly, you should go to a shooting range and practice aiming. We hope you never find yourself in a situation where you will need to use the gun, but just in case you really need to know-how and to make sure you are comfortable with it. This experience will give you much-needed speed as well, and that can be a crucial thing if you are faced with any sort of danger while jogging.

Remember – you are sweating!

The normal thing about running is that you sweat. A lot. And you should bear that in mind when purchasing a gun holster of any kind. It is important what sort of material is used for the manufacturing process because if the holster is not sweat-proof, your weapon may be exposed to certain damage. This is not something you will notice immediately but after some time. Sweat can wreak internal steel components, but also its external frame. But even if you have a gun gear that’s resilient to sweat, you should still clean it on a regular basis in order to make sure it remains fully functional.

Beware of scams

Since attacks on joggers happen pretty often, gun gear manufacturers started creating and selling so many different types and forms of running holsters, and most of them are very low-quality made and not efficient enough. Also, many of these products haven’t been tested for safety, which is a huge problem if you ask us. So in case you are not very familiar with this subject, make sure to research a bit and consult with some experts before you purchase something of this kind. That way, you will make sure your investment will pay off and truly keep you protected in case of danger. And remember, a piece of equipment that should hold your gun while you are running should have a retention strap, as well as a trigger guard. 


Running and carrying is definitely a new trend that’s becoming bigger each day. None of us is happy about that, but it is what it is, and we need to accept the reality we live in. We made sure to present you with all possible options when it comes to having a gun on you while jogging and to point out all of their benefits and shortcomings. Now it’s up to you to decide which one is the most suitable for you and your needs. It would be good to try several solutions in order to get a clearer picture of each one, and then to determine what will be your holster of choice.

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