Top 7 Myths About Gun Safe Theft Protection

Owning a gun is a huge responsibility- one that comes with having to look after the gun and constantly ensuring its safety.
There are certain myths regarding gun safes that still are believed to be true. It is high time that these facts are set straight and everyone planning to own a gun or already do are aware of what they have got themselves into.

1. MYTH: Are you sure your gun in its safe is theft-proof?

So you have secured your licensed gun in its safe. Sadly, this is not enough security you have provided to your gun as a responsible owner.

2. MYTH: It’s called safe. What can go wrong?

While most gun safes guarantee basic protection to the guns against general environmental damage caused by fire or water, not every gun safe is alike. Much like everything else the quality and efficiency of any product vary among different brands. Every gun safe offers different levels of security and it is up to you to be wise and pick the right ones among the many firearm safeguarding options in the market. Here is some best gun safe organizer you can use.

3. MYTH: Safe, Cabinet- What’s in a name?

Know that a cabinet is very different from a gun safe- the latter is a way better option given that it’s sturdier and equipped with a complicated locking system that is hard to break through.

4. MYTH: Loaded or not, the gun is safe.

However cool it seems, it is not safe, yes not even in a safe to lock in your loaded guns. Imagine the advantage any thief who has just managed to break open your gun safe has over you. On this note, do not underestimate the curiosity and subsequent ability of kids who might be visiting to have a go at opening the safe.

5. MYTH: Electronic safes are obviously better.

Don’t fall for the latest and super-advanced electronic safes that promise your gun new-age security; one looks at the safe and the thief realizes that all he or she has to do is cut off the main power supply. The old and trusted combinations are always a better option for you. Some best examples are a fireproof biometric gun safe.

6. MYTH: This one must be better since the door is much thicker.

Yes, that’s what the manufacturer wants you to think too. Pay more attention to the locking systems they offer and other details that will actually help with the security rather than attract you. Cannon gun safes have the thickest door.

7. MYTH: It doesn’t matter where the safe is.

This is a matter of exercising common sense above all else- the gun safe is never truly safe anywhere in the house in case of a burglary but your best bet is to have it in a location where you can keep an eye on it. Don’t leave it in the guest room though it is admittedly an excellent conversation trigger- you may never know which wrong person has taken notice of it. You can also use a shoulder holster if you only own a single gun.


So there you go- having a gun does guarantee you a lot of security but it is just as important to ensure that this gun is safeguarded the right way so as to avoid all those downsides of having a gun, the occurrence of any of which is definitely going to get some people going- I told you so.

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