How to Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage?

The fact is, we all tend to keep some pretty valuable stuff in a garage, but at the same time, we do not take precautionary measures to keep this part of our home secure enough. Most burglars know that, so there are huge chances your garage will be targeted and robbed if you are not careful enough.

Thieves are not only searching for money and jewelry, but they are also smart enough to know they can sell a leaf blower or attractive lawn mower for good money, and you are definitely not keeping those things in your living room. So here are some tips on how to improve your garage security.

Install lights

There are huge chances you didn’t think about installing a light in front of your garage door, and it is well-known that burglars love dark because it allows them to sneak more easily into the property and successfully break into homes.

Because of that, our recommendation is to set up a lighting system that will illuminate the garage area. That way, you will make it more difficult for them to realize their plans. Your garage door security will be much improved with this, as well as the security of your entire home.

Close the garage door

It may sound a bit too obvious to tell you to close your garage door, but you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to do that. During the day, people often leave their garages wide open, probably because they are planning to do something in it later, and that makes it so much easier for thieves to burglar you. According to statistics, burglaries will be dramatically decreased if garage doors of every household would stay closed.

In Arizona, one homeowner’s association made this a rule, and they lower the number of burglaries by 50 percent. Now, if you constantly forget to roll down the door of your garage, you can install a garage door sensor that will automatically close them after a certain amount of time.

Check the landscaping

If you are wondering how to secure the garage door, one of the ways is to make sure there are no untrimmed bushes and large trees around it. In yards where the garage is surrounded by these, burglars will easily slide in and take what they intended even during the daytime hours.

It would be good to trim greenery in your yard so that the garage door is always visible and so that your neighbours can see what’s going on in this area. House entry points need to always be free of visual obstacles.

Hide your valuable belongings

It’s one thing for the thief to enter your garage and the whole other to actually find stuff he can steal. That’s why it is essential not to keep any valuable things exposed and to make it harder for them to actually find something they want to take.

They won’t have much time for their endeavor, so if you keep your things well hidden, for example, place them in a safe, they may end up with empty hands. But also, you should make sure they can get an insight into what you are keeping in your garage.

If they do, it’s more likely your house will be their next target. So get some curtains on a garage window, and do not keep your garage door wide open.

Keep garage door controller on you

If you have a garage door that opens automatically when you press the controller, you need to make sure the controller itself is well protected all the time. Many people tend to keep it inside their cars, and thieves know that. That’s why it’s not rare for them to steal the garage door controller first and then to enter your place and take what they believe is valuable.

In order to prevent them, you should keep the controller on you all the time. Another option is to install a smart garage door opener that will allow you to access your garage only with your smartphone. This is the ideal solution that will prevent garage door break-ins.

Protect service door

When it comes to securing a garage door from burglary, it’s not only important to keep the main garage door safe. Many garages have two entering points, and one of them is an exterior service door. Now, most people forget to secure them properly.

Burglars know that, and quite often, they target these doors as ones that will be easier to break-in. They are often located on the side of the house, which allows them to get close to it unnoticed, and service doors usually have a quite basic lock, which makes them more vulnerable.

So if you want to keep burglars away from your garage, install a more serious locking mechanism at the service door as well.

Shield your lock

Most thieves are well experienced, and with the right tool, they can open your garage door lock in under a minute. Now, in order to prevent that from happening, you can cut your emergency release cord or use a zip tie, but that will significantly reduce the safety of your garage door.

The better solution is to use a garage shield that will cover the garage door’s emergency release cord. With that in place, you will eliminate every possibility for the burglars to break in this way.

The garage shield is very easy to install, and it’s pretty affordable, so you won’t have to pay some extra money to secure your garage.

Secure home entry door

In the end, what you can’t allow yourself to forget about is to make sure your home entry door into the garage is well secured. According to statistics, this is the last thing people remember to do, and it hugely increases the chances of burglars entering your home space through the garage. But not only do you need to install some high-quality locks on these doors, but you have to remember to always lock them, especially in the evening, before you go to bed.

It’s one thing for burglars to enter your garage, and the whole other for them to wander around your living room or your bedrooms. We even recommend installing deadbolts or sensors in it.

Install security camera

And let’s not forget about the value of good old security cameras. First thing, thieves always look around in order to notice if there is one, and if they spot it, there are huge chances they will give up on breaking into your home. And second, if that happens, you will have footage that could help disclose the identity of the person who illegally entered your home.

It would be best to install these cameras inside and outside of the garage and to use only those for outdoor usage for both purposes because they can better withstand any weather conditions and extreme temperatures, and in most houses, there’s no heating in a garage.

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