Winchester Gun Safe Reviews: Top Features, Pros & Cons (2018)

If you look to owning a gun safe you are probably more concerned about its capacity because it matters that you know how many guns it can store. With that in mind, we found a collection of Winchester gun safes that are sure to fit your different needs in regards to capacity.

For those who intend to own a safe that could hold 50-51 guns, then you I would strongly recommend the Winchester Legacy 53 Gun Safe. Well, it’s kind of huge and that is great because it’s designed to store a huge quantity of firearms.

And if you are thinking of getting yourself a gun safe that could keep 26-28 guns, the Winchester Ranger 26-28 Gun Safe will meet your expectations. It’s relatively cheaper and a perfect fit for the ordinary person. Not to forget that it also perfectly fits those with medium-sized gun safe requirement.

PictureProduct NameSizePriceCapacity
Winchester 2018 Legacy 53 – 51 Gun Safe72" x 42" x 30"$$$51
Winchester Defender 35 Tactical Gun Safe60" x 40" x 25"$$46
Winchester 2018 Ranger 26 gun Safe59" x 30" x 25"$$$26

So what makes Winchester gun safes special? Winchester gun safes are considered the industry standard when it comes to the gun safes market. This is evident in the fact that they are one of the most well-advised brands in the firearms space. On top of that, they manufacture gun safes of various sizes and magnitudes. Bearing in mind that Winchester make premium gun safes, some of you might be put off by the prices of the gun safes.

Winchester Gun Safe

It’s not obvious to run into this kind of safe because the protection it offers is almost unmatched. Being at the helm of the legacy series means it has a long list of unrivaled and intelligent features and this can be seen in its legendary long list of fire protection features as well as build quality.


If you are into taste, there are three color options to choose from: gunmetal, black and saddle brown. That aside, the protection as seen in the fact that some of its features are UL listed and that it exceeds California DOJ requirements really shows just how much effort was put to make this safe secure.

Not to mention that it’s drill resistant and also provides fireboard protection. An option to upgrade it to a programmable electronic lock has also been included.  Let’s check out this features in detail.

Build quality: No burglar would dare put their lives on the line by risking to break into this safe. Why, you may ask. Well, its solid steel 10 gauge body shaped and toughened with consistent robotic welds and an additional 1/4-inch heated treated steel (outer plate) in the door guarantees that.

Further, there’s the titanium disk that ensures the area around the lock nose is drill resistant. An additional 2-inch solid steel locking bolts ensure a added pry resistance.

The Build quality of Cannon gun Safes is also very good. They are pretty durable.

Protection features: First, there’s UL listed S & G mechanical lock which boasts no vulnerable/key override feature. Add on the auxiliary re-locker which helps to hold the active bolt-work in position in the event of an attack. On the hinge side of the door, we have dead locking bolts to reinforce the protection and also important to note is that the safe has anti-pry tabs. This and so much more help to ensure extensive protection.

Fire proof features: Fire rated 2.5 hours at 1400 degrees, this safe can endure the toughest of heats. It also comes loaded with double layers a heat-expanding door seal that stretches six times its original size when it comes into contact with heat.  Other features include the thermal-protective lining in its zippered door pockets for added protection of its sensitive documents.

Aesthetics: Besides the range of color options we mentioned earlier, it also comes with a 5-spoke handle and a mechanical/electronic lock both covered in chrome. Its top-grade fabric interior fabric makes the inside pleasing to the eyes and to enhance visibility, the safe is outfitted with a shiny LED light kit.


  • Very spacious
  • Two power outlets
  • USB pass through
  • Extensive security and protective features
  • Option for dehumidifier, pistol rack, hygrometer, automatic cordless light, silica gel can, and also stealth entry light
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Relatively expensive and heavy.

For its price, the Winchester 2017 Legacy 53 – 51 Gun Safe is a solid buy and a perfect pick for those out to get themselves an extremely protective decent safe without caring how much that is going to cost them.

Winchester Defender 35 Tactical Gun Safe

If you have a thing for American made safes or want to explore them, the defender series is a sure selection to start with. Just like other Winchester Safes, this particular series boasts of superior protection features in addition to other advanced features you would expect to see in an advanced Winchester safe.

Same thing could be said of this particular model which has a capacity to keep 46 guns.


From the adjustable slide-lock shelf system to the accessory door panel organizer to its power dock system that features USB outlets not to mention the factory installed LED light kit, this safe promises all-round satisfaction. Let’s check out the details

Build quality: For its 12 gauge steel body, this safe not only earned the UL RSC burglary rating but it’s also strong and tough enough to last longer. Also important to note is the drill-resistant ¼-inch hard plate, a recessed door that is pry-resistant, a return door jamp reinforced by steel, titanium disk and a lot more.

Fireproof features: The safe boasts of a proven 60-minute rating at 1400 degrees. In addition to that, it comes loaded with a Palusol heat-expanding door seal that stretches to over 6 times its initial size while reacting to heat. Then there’s the fireboard protection not just in the ceiling but walls and door and very important to note is that its UL rated. Even the composite steel door come equipped with a layer of UL rated fireboard protection.

Protection features: It’s easy to tell that this safe was made to keep out burglars by all means. This can be seen in its UL listed S & G EMP-resistant electronic lock that is without vulnerable solenoid/key override feature. It also exceeds California DOJ requirements. Another great feature is the auxiliary re-locker that holds the active boltwork locked in position in the event of an attack. Then there’s the anti-pry tabs and dead locking bolts fixed on the hinge side of the safe’s door to reinforce protection.

Aesthetics: Besides the desert tan finish type, there’s the flat black type and both feature the black chrome EMP lock. Its interior features fully customized and overall, the safe is pleasing to the eyes and can fit or match with almost any setting.


  • Extensive protection features
  • Option for a dehumidifier, hygrometer, pistol rack, Silica Gel Can, Stealth Entry Light and so much more.
  • Two power outlets
  • 2 USB pass-throughs
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Durable


  • Relatively heavy.
  • If you are looking for a Light weight safe then you should definitely consider buying a vehicle gun safe.

Looking at its sturdy construction and potential to deliver remarkable performance, this safe no doubts makes for a reliable option. You can get it in different color options: sandstone, burgundy ad gunmetal.

Winchester 2018 Ranger 26 gun Safe

For a reasonable price, you lay your hands on the Winchester Ranger 26-28 safe and for that, you will have plenty of space and a lineup of security features you would expect from the higher-end models. In total, it can hold up to 28 long guns and the induced door panel will allow you quick access to handgun pouches and pockets for storage of small items.


Sturdy construction, top-grade performance, and impressive appearance all blend to make this safe not just reliable but a worthy option in its category. Important features you should watch out include:

Build quality: First, there’s the 12 gauge solid steel construction toughened with consistent robotic welds. Same steel has been used to make the external strap hinges, locking bolts and return jamps. Also worth mentioning is the titanium disk.

Protection features: Just as with any other Winchester safe, the Winchester 2017 Ranger 26-28 gun Safe is UL listed for burglary protection and also has UL listed S & G mechanical lock that is without vulnerable solenoid/ key override feature. In addition to that, it exceeds California DOJ requirements. The auxiliary re-locker holds active bolt work locked in position in the event of an attack. Others include the anti-pry tabs, a recessed door, and dead locking bolts.

Fireproof features: The safe boasts a proven 60-minute fire rating at temperatures averaging 1400 F. Also, it has the Palusol heat-expanding door seal that stretches to over 6 times when it reacts to heat. Besides that, it has the UL rated fireboard protection in the walls, ceiling, and door. Even the composite door has an added layer of UL rated fireboard protection

Aesthetics: Powder-coated with gunmetal or black finish and black chrome 3-spoke vault handle, this safe easily impresses as it’s able to match almost any setting.


  • Extensive protective features
  • Option for a dehumidifier, pistol rack, hygrometer, automatic cordless light, stealth entry light and a few other items.
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Single power outlets
  • Durable


  • No USB pass-through

If you are pretty sure you are cool with a relatively smaller safe, the Winchester 2017 Ranger 26-28 makes for a great purchase.

Overview Of Winchester Gun Safes

You should remember that once you drop below the $1000 price tag, safety begins to dwindle down and so these three make a great selection. For their price, your valuables are guaranteed enough protection not just against burglars but fire as well. Initially they look a little bit expensive but trust me they are worth every single penny. You can easily rely on these safes. They will never let you down and to top it with Winchester you get Life Long Warranty.

They look really big but the good thing about them is that they come with a lot of features which is a Plus point that you cannot ignore. But if the Price tag is a Barrier for you then i suggest that you should check out the Gun Safes available under 1000$.

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