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The cardinal rule
of firearm safety is that every gun must be treated as if it were loaded.

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The world we live in can be a scary place sometimes, and the need to protect yourself and your family is something no one has the right to criticize. We are firm believers in gun ownership, but only if all necessary precautions are being taken. That means, among other things, possessing a home safe where you can keep it under a lock. So this is a place you can find everything you need to know about home security boxes for weapons, money, jewelry, and all other valuable things you want to protect from thieves and intruders.

Best Safes for Your Valuables

Depending on what you are planning to keep inside of your personal vault – is it just your firearm or we are talking about irreplaceable documents, electronic devices, and pieces of jewelry as well, you need to decide whether you are going for gun safes or home safes.

Things to Know for Your Protection

There are many ways you can protect yourself and your household, firing a weapon is the last thing you wanna do. So make sure to find out what your other options are, what are the things you can do in order to prevent unwanted visitors from intruding your life and your private property in the first place.

Beginners Guide to Guns

If it comes to the point where you feel like you need to use your gun for a protective purpose, then you definitely should know how to handle it properly.

Home Security Tips

Check out how to make your home a real modern-day fortress with multiple advanced security systems that will drive away all the burglars.

Search Best Products by Category

When it comes to commercial security safes, you have to know that it is crucial to define what you need before purchasing one. Are you a hunting lover, and you have loads of weaponry, or you simply want to own a place for your handgun you bought for self-defense reasons? Think about it and then look for your options in these categories.


The experts say safes should be placed at the most secured location in your home, and that’s usually the corner of the two outside walls. This place should give a safe the biggest possible support and protection, but you need to make sure to mount it well and to always keep it on the ground floor.
There are many ways you can make the safe hard to find or invisible for the intruders. You can place it under the stairs, in your closet, build it in the wall behind some picture or a shelf, for example, keep it behind some heavy piece of furniture, etc.
There are no rules when it comes to the subjects you wanna keep inside of the safe. Mostly, people keep their insurance policies, bank, and financial account documents, passports and identifications, cash, jewelry, memory cards, hard drives, and weapons in there.
According to statistics, thieves have a tendency to steal home safes if they are not too heavy and too large for them. That’s because it is almost impossible to open them with regular hand tools they bring along. So our suggestion is to mount your safes on the wall or the floor and to choose those that are not too lightweight.

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