12 Best Diversion Safes 2024 – Hidden Safes For Home & Travel

If you are looking for a secure place where you can hide your most precious belongings, but you don’t want to make it so obvious by owning a traditional safe, here is a suggestion for you – the best diversion safes.

Best Choice
Book Safe with Combination Lock - Jssmst Dictionary Diversion Metal Lock Box for Home Office Code...
Second Best
Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe -Concealed Storage for Hide Money,...
Good Choice
Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it, Stainless Steel Tumbler with Hiding Spot for Money,...
Also Consider
Clock Safe:10-Inch Battery-Operated Analog Clock with Hidden Wall Safe for Jewelry, Cash, Valuables,...
Book Safe with Combination Lock - Jssmst Dictionary Diversion Metal Lock Box for Home Office Code...
Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe -Concealed Storage for Hide Money,...
Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it, Stainless Steel Tumbler with Hiding Spot for Money,...
Clock Safe:10-Inch Battery-Operated Analog Clock with Hidden Wall Safe for Jewelry, Cash, Valuables,...
Best Choice
Book Safe with Combination Lock - Jssmst Dictionary Diversion Metal Lock Box for Home Office Code...
Book Safe with Combination Lock - Jssmst Dictionary Diversion Metal Lock Box for Home Office Code...
Second Best
Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe -Concealed Storage for Hide Money,...
Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe -Concealed Storage for Hide Money,...
Good Choice
Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it, Stainless Steel Tumbler with Hiding Spot for Money,...
Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it, Stainless Steel Tumbler with Hiding Spot for Money,...
Also Consider
Clock Safe:10-Inch Battery-Operated Analog Clock with Hidden Wall Safe for Jewelry, Cash, Valuables,...
Clock Safe:10-Inch Battery-Operated Analog Clock with Hidden Wall Safe for Jewelry, Cash, Valuables,...

We are talking about secret compartments that are disguised in objects almost every household possess, where you can keep things like money, jewelry, or a handgun, for example. So here is the list of best-hidden safes you can use in your home or working place.

Comparison Table:

Top Rated Disguised Safes for the Home

1. Book Safe With Combination Lock JSSMST

Book Safe With Combination Lock JSSMST



  • Book design
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Combination lock
  • Portable
  • 18-month warranty

In case you have a bookshelf in your living room, and you are thinking about getting a diversion safe, this is probably the best-suited one for you. It looks like a real English dictionary, with hardcovers and authentic design, and it blends perfectly into the pile of other books, especially if we are talking about a shelf full of different language dictionaries.

You can choose between the large and small size of the book, and between three colors of the cover – red, navy, and black. Under the front cover, there is a combination lock, so not only the burglars won’t know you have a safe in your home, but even if they find it, they will have to figure out the locking mechanism, which is not that easy.

The locking system is easy to set up and operate, you just need to remember your secret three-digit code. Inside the little vault, there’s enough space for some cash, small electronic devices like phones, and a piece or two of jewelry. The interior dimensions are 9.2 x 5.7 x 1.6 inches.

You will get the welcome guide where all the procedures will be well explained, and the manufacturer is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as 18 months warranty. Also, in case you need some help, customer support will be available to you 24/7.

2. Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe

Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe



  • Realistic design
  • Portable
  • Dual purpose
  • Emergency hiding place
  • Lightweight

We bet you didn’t see this one coming. When we are talking about secret home safes, we usually imagine only box-shaped objects, like books, for example, but the truth is, almost any item can be transformed into a place where you can hide some important and valuable things you own.

This hairbrush, in particular, is a perfect example of the previous statement. It’s a two-in-one product since it really is a brush you can shape your hair with, but also, it has a hidden compartment where you can put some cash, keys, USB drive, memory card, or some other small items that can fit into the hole in the middle.

The hairbrush looks very realistic, and it will blend into the environment perfectly, for sure. No one will suspect that there is anything suspicious in your hair product’s area, they will see just a bunch of combs. The best thing is that you can place it in your bathroom, bedroom, in your purse, etc.

Under the false top, there is a compartment whose dimensions are 4.25 x 1.14 x 1.14 inches. And the design of the hairbrush is in alignment with most usual ones used by women all over the world. This is a good choice if you are looking for someplace where you can put emergency money or pieces of jewelry.

3. Diversion Safe – Stash Cans

Diversion Safe - Stash Cans



  • Modern design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Spacious
  • 30-day guarantee

The picture frame is another place where you can hide your belongings. But it needs to look like the real deal like it’s nothing more than exactly that – a nice frame for your family photos. This product will perfectly blend into the shelf with all your other souvenirs and photo memories, in your home, or office space.

This hidden safe is ideal for keeping jewelry, money, documents, and small electronic devices protected. It has an elegant and modern design, and nobody will suspect underneath the photo there is a secret stash where you hide your valuables.

The interior of the secret compartment is 7 ¾ inches long, 5 ¾ inches wide, and 1.3 inches deep, which means there is enough space for all those items we mentioned above. Also, it has a special container inside that can muffle the sound, so you can hide diamonds and other precious rocks, without having to worry their movement will be loud and attract any attention.

We are talking about a perfect decorative item you can place on any surface, or hang on the wall, so it won’t be suspicious at all, but if it turns out you don’t like it, or you don’t find it suitable, you can send it back within the 30-days, and your money will be returned.

4. Maxwell Coffee Diversion Safe

Maxwell Coffee Diversion Safe



  • Authentic design
  • Weight and feel like the original product
  • Portable
  • Secret bottom opener
  • 90-days warranty

What better place to hide your money, jewelry, small-sized documents, USBs, and memory cards than among the kitchen supplies. This Maxwell Coffee diversion safe is an ideal solution for you if you are looking for a secretive compartment for valuables, and if you own a lot of cans and small food packages on your shelves.

The package of this product looks, feels, and weighs, just like a real coffee can. It’s modeled from a genuine product, and it won’t be suspicious at all, especially if the burglar doesn’t know something like this even exists, in terms of looking for a hidden safe.

The bottom of this object can be unscrewed, and inside of it will be the stash for your belongings. But in case someone opens it at the top, which is logical, they will see its factory sealed with the safety seal still intact. Even if you shake it, you will hear the sound of coffee grounds smashing on the sides of the can.

It’s the most authentic kitchen decoy you can find in the market. The manufacturer is offering a 90-day warranty for this item, and you will get just enough space to hide everything you believe shouldn’t be available to burglars.

5. Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it

Diversion Water Bottle Can Safe by Stash-it



  • 2-in-1 product
  • Portable
  • High-quality made
  • Lightweight
  • Leak-proof

Here is another perfect disguise safe you can bring with you anywhere you go. It’s an actual water bottle you can and should use for drinking when you are not home, but it is also a hidden safe for your precious things. Another great thing is that it fits perfectly into the universal cup holder.

The bottle is leak-proof, thanks to the lid that creates an air-tight seal, and it has a sleek design. It is made of high-quality stainless steel, in a very stylish, durable, and functional way. The secret compartment can be reached if you unscrew the bottom, and it is big enough to welcome your money, USB drive, memory cards, some smaller pieces of jewelry, keys, etc.

The top part can receive 16oz of fluids, and the lower part, which is an actual safe, has a 2.5 x 2.5 inches capacity for your belongings. If you decide to purchase this bottle, you will be able to hold the things you find valuable by your side when you go to the gym, the beach, camping, or to work.

The mouth of the bottle is big enough to fit ice cubes, so your drink will always be cold if you prefer it that way, but the best part is that nobody will ever suspect you have a secret safe inside your hands.

6. Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock

Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock



  • Perfect decorative item
  • Portable
  • Padded interior
  • High-quality made
  • Working clock

One of the best-disguised safes for the home is this fully functional wooden clock. If you want to buy a diversion security safe for your handgun and some money or jewelry, you should definitely consider this product given it’s very decorative and practical, and it can do the job of hiding your belongings very well.

Behind the front of the clock, there is a secret compartment that’s attached to the actual clock with a magnetic clasp. The interior is covered with soft fabric, so your things won’t be damaged while being in there, and the exterior is high-quality made.

This is a piece of furniture made from engineered wood with the mahogany stain you can place anywhere inside your home or office, so it won’t look suspicious, and burglars won’t be able to find your hidden belongings unless they specifically know where they are.

It is important not to forget to put an AA battery so that the clock can actually work. It would be good to place it somewhere where you can reach it easily and quickly, in case you need to get what’s inside quickly.

7. Trademark Gambler’s Wall Clock

Trademark Gambler’s Wall Clock



  • Classic design
  • Two shelves
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Working clock

Another clock deserved to be on our list since it is most certainly one of the best diversion safes you can currently find in the market. First of all, it is an actual working clock, so wherever you decide to place it, you will always know what time it is, and second of all, it is a great hidden safe for your valuable things.

Behind the front clock area, there is a huge storage place divided by two shelves, so you can organize your things better. You can keep their piles of money, documents, hard drives, bank cards, small electronic devices, jewelry, etc.

It has a simple design, and it’s based on an analog system, so this item will blend in almost any room of your house or your office space. It’s not something that will attract attention, and it’s not common for people to hide things behind their clocks, so petty muck nobody will remember to look there.

It’s easy to hang, and it works on a single AA battery you must not forget to put in, or it may seem suspicious you have a clock that’s not working on your wall. The clock has 10 inches in diameter, it’s three inches deep, and the whole compartment is divided into three 2.75-inch tall parts. The screws you will need for hanging are not included in the package.

Finding the Best Diversion Safes – Buying Guide

Finding the Best Diversion Safes - Buying Guide

Diversions safes are special because they are usually 2-in-1 items you can use for multiple purposes. When buying this kind of storage unit, you should make sure it blends well in your surroundings, so it doesn’t attract any attention from unwanted visitors.

They are quite affordable and practical because you can move them and carry them with you wherever you go.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Product

1. Storage

Finding the Best Diversion Safes - Buying Guide - Storage

The size of storage space is not really the strongest feature of hidden safes like these ones. The items that have a secret compartment are rather small, and they can welcome only some number of money bills, smaller pieces of jewelry, keys, USBs, memory cards, and maybe watches, but some can hide even a handgun.

You should think about what you want to put in them, and then choose the one that will suit you the most.

2. Mounting Options

Most of the diversion safes cannot be mounted. They are items you can bring with you in a purse, like a hairbrush or water bottle, or put on a shelf, like a mantel clock, a book, or a photo frame.

So they are more portable objects that can fit perfectly in your living room, office space, or bedroom. But some, like that last wall clock, can be attached with nothing but regular screws.

3. Security Features

Finding the Best Diversion Safes - Buying Guide - Security Features

The diversion safes usually don’t have regular security features like locking systems, because that would be too obvious. Among the objects we listed above, only the English dictionary has that option.

They are based on a design that includes hidden compartments you can reach only if you know they are there. Their strength is in the fact nobody knows they are anything but a regular can, water bottle, picture frame, etc.

4. Build Quality

These types of safes are not built from stainless steel, with live locking bolts and pry-resistant hinges. They don’t have a firm and sturdy construction that cannot be penetrated.

We are talking about small house objects that are built the regular way, just with some extra hidden space where you can place your valuable items.


FAQ Best Diversion Safes

Q1: Where can I hide a diversion safe?

Since we are not talking about the regular safes, you can mount and hide behind the pieces of furniture, in a closet, or under the bed, but our subject are the diversion safes that are camouflaged in the items every person or household owns, you don’t need to hide them.

It would be good to place the coffee can that’s actually a safe on a kitchen shelf, among other similar objects, a photo frame or a book that are hidden safes on a living room shelf, etc.

Q2: How much do diversion safes cost?

The price of diversion safes is not high at all, and pretty much everybody can afford one of these objects, if not a couple of them.

For example, the water bottle with a hidden stash in the bottom part is below $10, while the hairbrush is only $5. The prices of others are quite similar, so you won’t have to wait and save for these types of safes.


Diversion safes are super fun to have. They don’t cost much, nobody knows they are even there, and they can fit perfectly into the ambient, as decorative pieces. As we already said, their biggest advantage is the fact they are not built in a traditional way so that they won’t attract any attention.

The intruders won’t even think about looking at your ordinary things that are not fancy and flashy at all. And besides that, you can really use them in multiple ways.

The hairbrush is actually that, but with a secret stash for money, the water bottle is the real deal, so you can bring it with you to the gym or work, but again, it also has a hidden space for some valuables of yours. These are definitely the items you can use in everyday life while knowing they are keeping your belongings safe and sound.

Check out our post on how to maintain safes and prevent moisture.

Hair Brush Comb Diversion Stash Safe by Charmonic, Stash Can, Functions as an Authentic Brush,...
  • Hide Your Money / Valuables: Perfect diversion safe to stash valuables in plain sight.
  • Real Hair Brush: Fully Functional Diversion product - blend in with your hygiene essentials, good enough to really use, no one will ever know what it...
  • Perfect For Traveling or At Home: Great for vacation or any place you may have to leave your bag unattended.
  • Decent Capacity: The hidden compartment is pretty large and can hold a considerable amount of dollar bills and jewelries.
Sdstone Hanger Diversion Fireproof & Waterproof Safe with Lock and Small Fireproof Bag, Hidden...
  • 【Three layers of fibrous material】:This Diversion Hanger Safe is made of three layers of fibrous material,Fireproof Silicone coated glass,...
  • 【Security code lock】: The hanger bag Equipped with a password lock, when you store private and precious items, you can choose to use the password...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY & HANGER SAFE】: With all the High Quality Fire-resistant Fiberglass Material, Non-itchy Silicone Coating, Enlarged Hook & Loop...
  • 【Large capacity and strong versatility】: The size of our hanger is "17.7" x 15", the internal design includes a sub-pocket, and a fireproof wallet...
  • 【Easy to store and to carry】:This safety bag breaks the disadvantage of high exposure of traditional safe box, its high secrecy, flexibility,...
EIOUMAX Real Paper Diversion Book Safe with key Secret Box Collection Box-Alice In Wonderland
  • ★ GOOD CAMOUFLAGE- Hardback book cover easily blends in with other books or objects on any shelf or table
  • ★ STRONG AND COMPACT- Metal safe box is ideal for safely storing thing, passports, jewelry, etc.
  • ★ REAL BOOK WITH REAL PAPER - We use a paper cover for our book with real paper to conceal the safe so that it is indistinguishable from the...
  • ★ NICE PRESENT- It comes with 2 keys, an anti lost rope and looks like real books.As a gift,kids also like it ,Dimensions-Outer...
  • ★ GOOD AFTER-SALES SERVICE - We will control the quality of the product and are confident that you will loved it.
Travah Travel Water Bottle Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Storage for Cash, Keys, Valuables...
  • Fully Functional Travel Water Bottle With Storage: Travah’s insulated water bottle is not just a bottle. It has a cleverly designed invisible...
  • Built to Last with Double-Walled Insulation: This sports water bottle is built to last. It's designed from high-quality stainless steel that stands up...
  • Portable Water Bottle with Versatile Uses: Since this stainless steel water bottle is a fully functional, everyday bottle, it's great for multiple...
  • Hot and Cold Water Bottle with Leak-Proof Design: This gym water bottle features leak-free technology to prevent spills. The sweat and burn-free...
  • Large Capacity Insulated Bottle with Bonus Tools Included: This 17oz sports water bottle can hold 500ml of liquid. It has a large dry storage space...
Streetwise Fake Large Hardbound Diversion Book Gun Safe Secret Compartment
  • Made from Real, Genuine Books (Remove the "Undercover Book Safe" cover before using to show the actual book cover). These are made from REAL BOOKS so...
  • Open book to reveal a secret storage compartment
  • Hidden Compartment is 6 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches.
  • Perfect for home, office, school, travel, RV's, and boats
  • Hide your passports, currency, documents, jewelry, account numbers, credit cards, and keepsakes
Photo Picture Frame Diversion Safe with Fireproof & Waterproof Bag, Valuable Home Security Storage...
  • ★ 【PICTURA FRAME DIVERSION SAFE + EXTRA FIREPROOF MONEY BAG - MORE SAFETY】: Anzaky picture frame diversion safe designed to protect your small...
  • ★ 【HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT】: It is unlikely for anyone to check the back of a photo frame for valuables, making them one of the best diversion safe....
  • ★ 【HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE】: Anzaky picture frame made from a high quality durable MDF molding material, environment friendly, lightweight but...
  • ★ 【VARIOUS DISPLAYS】: Anzaky picture frame is equipped with two hooks on the backboard, making them extremely versatile and able to hang both...
  • ★ 【GREAT GIFT】: ANZAKY 5 by 7 picture frame diversion safe will be a nice gift to your loved family and friends. Ideal gift of home decor or...
Photo Picture Frame Diversion Safe – Mini Safe Box with Hidden Secret Compartment to store your...
  • 👍 MODERN DESIGN – Our photo frame safe has been re-designed with a more modern design to ensure that it blends into the surrounding more...
  • 👍 EASEL BACK SUPPORT AND D-RINGS – The photo frame safe come with an easel back if you wish to rest the frame on your table or you may use the...
  • 👍 HIDE AND STORE YOUR VALUABLES – Inside storage compartment (7.5” x 5.7” x 0.7”) to store your valuables.
  • 👍HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT – It is unlikely for anyone to check the back of a photo frame for valuables, making them one of the best diversion safe.
  • 👍 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We ensure that our product are of the highest quality and are confident that you will love it. However, customer...
2 Pieces Diversion Safe Hair Brush to Hide Money, Mini Key, Small Jewelry 2.76 Inch Depth Secret...
  • What will you get: there are 2 pieces of secret travel containers in the package, 1 each for burgundy and black; Secret false top unscrews provide...
  • Right size: the diameter is about 0.78 inches, the depth is about 2.7 inches, and this secret stash hair brush has enough room for up to 12 - 15...
  • Real camouflage: the travel safe diversion hair brush is designed to be integrated with other daily necessities to separate valuables from items that...
  • Keep elegant: with a sturdy construction and soft bristle, the travel container is an effective way to comb your hair; It not only holds and arranges...
  • Easy to hide: just unscrew the top of the secret and insert your tightly rolled banknotes or small accessories, very simple and quick; The household...
Lightbulb Diversion Safe - Hidden Secret Compartment to Hide Money, Jewelry & Small Items | Small...
  • 😲 Your friends will be amazed when your ordinary looking lightbulb turns in to a secret hiding spot. The only problem is that then they would know...
  • 😎 Feel secure in knowing that your valuables are hiding in plain sight. This ingenious design gives you quick access to any small item you want...
  • ✅ Ideal for hiding smaller items like micro sd cards, medication, rings, earrings, keys or a folded up dollar bill. Get 2 for extra space! The...
  • ✔️ What you get - One realistic looking lightbulb. Approximate safe dimensions: 4 inches long, 1.6 inches in diameter.
  • 👍 Committed to Quality: We ensure premium products and customer satisfaction. We respond promptly to your needs, ensuring a seamless and...

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