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Best Gun Safes For The Money – Top Recommendations

You cannot undermine the importance of a gun safe if you intend to own a gun. Gun safe gives you the premium security that you look for because you don’t want your guns to get in to wrong hands. Keeping our gun in the gun safe prevents its misuse. We all are well aware that the best gun safes for you may depend on a number of factors including price, gun type and value, intended use plus many other factors.

It is very important to know what kind of product you are getting before spending your hard earned money.Gun Safes are all about security and safety. When it comes to security and safety then you cannot compromise on Quality. But it does not mean that you spend way too much on something which will not be worth it in Future. Quality buying is one thing and Quality plus Smart buying is a different thing altogether. So you need to smart buy for your own benfit.

PictureProduct NameSizePriceShipping
Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock59" x 22" x 20"$$$No Shipping Charges
Barska AX11652 – Best Quick Access Gun Safes for Shot Guns and Rifles9.75" x 8.63" x 52.13"$$No Shipping Charges
Stack-On E-040 – Best under $50019.8" x 20.9" x 40" $$$No Shipping Charges
Sentry Safe – Best Vehicle Gun Safe & Holster Mount For Cars or Trucks3.2" x 12,1" x 9,9" $$No Shipping Charges
Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault10" x 8" x 2.75"$$No Shipping Charges

Features of Gun safes you need to look out for

Before buying a gun safe, you need to research everything that is related to the gun safes. Not every gun safe is same and might not suit your needs. You need to lock down on features that you might be needing for your gun safe and then only make the purchase.

Size- You will need to decide on the size of the gun safe once you make the purchase. By taking accurate measurements you will figure out the size you will be needing for your gun safe. Measuring will include taking dimensions of height, width and depth of the gun safe. Experts suggest buying an average sized gun safe for your use.

Weight- Heavier the gun safe, the better it is. Armor experts have suggested that the weight of your gun safe should be decided by the owner as he will be needing to transfer it to his/her home and might need to move around the house too. It all depends on the owner’s movability and if he/she really needs to redecorate the house much often.

Lock type- You need to decide the lock type which relates to your suitability. Biometric lock will keep your arms safe and away from theives as well as your loved ones. Manual locks take time to open up and it could create a stressful situation if your house is being robbed and you need your gun immediately. That is why people have started purchasing biometric gun safes instead of conventional gun safes.

It will take you a lot of time to just search the internet for the gun safes you should buy. There are so many options available in the market today that would just irritate you. So we did collect the best and top-rated gun safes under different categories. We encourage you to read on to find out which one is best for you.

Mesa Safe

If you are out to find the best gun safe for the money in the under $1000 category, we have it all well figured out for you. On top of our list is the Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic. It comes packed with top-grade security features yet at a friendly price. To make it sturdy, it comes with a 12-gauge body plus 11-gauge steel door. The safe is also roomy enough to take up to 14 long guns with an option to adjust the shelves if you need extra space.

Even fire temperatures reaching 1750F and raging on for less than 60 minutes can’t destroy it, not to mention the secure electronic locks. Read on to discover other features it has plus the rest of the top-rated gun safes under this category.


In the event of an emergency, your chances of surviving are better off with a gun safe that can flip open in under 5 seconds. Such a safe should definitely have the other relevant features that make up a great safe but more importantly, the locking mechanism should be fast enough to allow you to access your gun within seconds.

However, such gun safes can hardly keep long or larger guns; they are best suited to keep small firearms.

Well, the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 comes on top of our list. You can keep up to four rifles inside this safe and a few other accessories atop its small shelf. To make it well secured, it bears a biometric lock with the capacity to keep up to 120 fingerprints.

The safe is well predrilled for secure bolting and it’s made out of 2mm steel to make it sturdy. Want to discover its other features, click here. Also, continue reading to see the rest of the safes under this category.


If your budget only allows you to spend up to $500 yet you would love great value for your bucks, we have the best selections for you. Even though they may not come loaded with every other feature that the highly-priced safes have, they still do an amazing job at keeping your gun and family well protected.

Stack-On E-040 is one of the best and secure gun safes you could get for under $500. It’s made by one of the most reputable safe manufacturers in the word. The safe makes use of an electronic lock and inside it, it has adjustable barrel rests to ensure you can keep different types of rifles without worrying about whether they will fit.

It ETL rated when it comes to fire protection and to make it more secure, it bears reinforced steel doors, solid locking bolts, and a four-way locking mechanism.

You can have a look at the rest here.


If you decide to bring your gun with you as you drive, it’s best to have it locked away safely. There are dozens of reasons why you may want to carry your gun along as you drive. But for it to be safe or not to pose a huge threat to other vehicle users, you will need to keep it in a safe designed for such uses and we have compiled them for you.

Almost every seasoned gun owner will admit Sentry safe has done a great job at manufacturing solid safes throughout all the years they have been in existence. This particular model was designed as a car safe. It enables you to quietly reach for your firearm with the help of its silent electronic lock. It also has an additional biometric lock for quicker access.

To ensure it flips open real quick and wide enough, it has a compression gas strut. This increases your chances of going at the enemy first enough before they can figure out your move.

Titan Security

Tital Gun Safe has a simplex lock mechanism so you don’t have to expect any complex lock system with this safe. The dimensions of the safe are perfectly balanced. The price of the product is not too much to be honest. If you want security at its best then this is the right safe for you. I have read about this company and I noticed that their main motive is to make their customers happy. It is their first priority. Titan never compromises on quality.


You can easily store one handgun in this safe.

Quick Access

Once you start using the safe you will notice that the opening and closing time of the gun safe is very fast. It gives you quick access just like the Quick Access Gun Safe.


It is a very versatile safe. The safe can be easily mounted in different directions, eight to be precise. Besides sentry safe, you can check out the rest here. We still have plenty of other categories including Winchester and Cannon gun safe reviews.

Why Should You Invest In a Gun safe?

You need to purchase a gun safe to keep your firearms away from the children in the hous and it also prevents falling of the firearms in the wrong hands. Your firearms should be kept at a place where no one can access them except you. You should be able to access them in case of an emergency. And nothing provides better security for your firearms than a gun safe.

Gun safe will also store your other valuable items such as passport, jewelry and other valuable items. Hence purchasing a gun safe has become a necessity these days and this investment of your, i assure you would not got to waste.

Still not able to decide?

If you have not been able to make a decision up to now, then just read the below paragraph and you task will be easier than before. By just looking some features in the market you will be able to find the best gun safe for your need.

  • You should always look for a gun safe that is sturdily built and cannot be damaged by hammer blows, drilling machine and other mechanical equipments.
  • Storage matters and you should always look out for the gun safes providing the best storage capacity.


With all these options at your disposal, we get it that you might be confusd. But that is the thing about reviews, you get more than you ask for. You need to be firm and take a decision that sorts out your gun storage issues. You need to figure out that why will you be needing a gun safe and the type of gun safe you will need. You just need to decide right and your decision will surely repay you later.

All the best as you look forward to a safe and secure home and future.

Best Biometric Gun Safes – Fingerprint Gun Safes (2018 Edition)

Best Biometric Gun Safes

Guns or any weapon, when a person buys either, it’s a great deal to be aware of the consequences of it being misplaced or getting it in the vicinity of any wrong hands. So the first and foremost thing that you need to have is a place where you can keep it secure. And when it comes to the security of your gun, no matter what you are thinking the best option is to go for a gun safe. We will tell you some biometric gun safe reviews.

Why do you need a biometric gun safe?

The old school gun safes are no good in today’s market and people have made a fixed mindset that they are slow and won’t provide you with the service that a biometric gun safe can provide. Biometric gun safes provide you with theft protection and enables you to respond quickly to an invasion on your home. Biometric gun safes is the latest innovation which will help you in keeping your arms and other valuables safe. We prefer biometric gun safes over other gun safes because of the added security. You will be relieved every time as your biometric gun safe cannot be used by any other person be it your children or thieves for that matter. A biometric gun safe will only recognise only a few number of fingerprints whch will ensure added safety. If we consider the scenario of home invasion, then we will be able to access our gun safe easily and quickly than a normal gun safe.

Drawbacks of other gun safes

Most of the people in America are nowadays using conventional key lock gun safes. Let us assume these people tackle a situation where they are faced with a home invasion. Do you think they have the key near them all the times? The thief will not wait for you to go find your keys and then take out your gun. Looking out for keys in these situations is not a good thing. Next drawback to key based gun safes is that what happens when you lose the key? You will have to call a blacksmith and will surely cost you a lot of money. And the third drawback is what if other members your family find the key like your kids? It surely would be a dangerous situtation.

Hence combination locks/key based locks are difficult to handle and way behind than biometric gun safes in terms of technical capabilty. Biometric gun safes are easy to handle and they only unlock by your hands which is added security and the strongest feature of a biometric gun safe.

What is the best biometric gun safe in the market?

If you have a budget to be reckoned with you could try the BARSKA biometric gun safe or the GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe, but we would suggest you to consider the security of your people around and maybe re-consider your decision about which would be tad bit safer up the order as this investment can be considered as a one-time investment and it can actually help you to keep your other valuable as well as your future investment to be much safer.

PictureProduct NameSizePriceShipping
Verifi S6000 Smart Safe Fast17.4" x 16.1" x 7.9"$$No Shipping Charges
GunVault MicroVault XL MVB100010.2" x 12" x 3.5"$$$No Shipping Charges
GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe2.2" x 5.7" x 8.5"$No Shipping Charges
BARSKA Biometric Safe16.5" x 7.7" x 14.5"$No Shipping Charges
Ivation IVAFINGSAFE10 Electronic Safe14.5" x 11" x 10.6"$$No Shipping Charges

Now gun safes come in different categories and the best possible option in today’s world when you would need to be assured of the protection and safekeeping of your armors is to opt for a biometric gun safe, as it comes with the most technologically advanced protective mechanism.

If you are looking for some biometric gun safe for car, you really want to know if you want to keep your gun in a car.

So here we are providing you with the details of the best biometric gun safes available in the market today. First, we would suggest you opt for the Verifi S6000 smart safe fast. It’s technologically advanced and this can be seen in its complex inner architecture which provides you with the capability of persistence that comes with a fingerprint recognition system. This to an extent makes it as some sort of a black box that would be useless when accessed by someone other than the owner.

On the contrary, there’s always a budget issue for most of us. So if you may not be able to afford something like the one I’ve just mentioned, then you can opt for a BARSKA biometric safe which offer’s good enough safety features with its compact designing but a value for money when you are short on funds. Now we have the list for best biometric gun safe 2018.

Best Biometric Gun safe – 2018

We’ve kept it at the top of our list as it provides the best of security one can ask for. Its price is a high range as it provides features which are beyond a normal imagination that you can get.


What’s perhaps important to note is that the safe’s biometric system is FBI certified. Another thing worth noting is the build quality. The safe is made out of solid steel and its locking mechanism also comes reinforced by 2 steel locking bolts.

What’s more, its fingerprint technology is one of the most reliable as it uses an F.B.I approved 3D advanced imaging sensor to produce detailed fingerprint images. This kind of sensor is a standard in many government departments.

Other features worth mentioning include:

  • Self-diagnostic test
  • Versatile built-in interface/LCD display
  • Tamper Alerts
  • LED Nightlite


  • It’s a finger-print accessible and so it’s lightning fast when you talk about accessibility.
  • Provides a 3-D imaging system which generates fingerprint images and is F.B.I certified.
  • There is an Auto lock feature which is one of a kind that senses when the door is closed and it automatically locks the safe which gives you the assurance that if the door is closed your system is locked.
  • Liberty provided to you to add or remove users even and even to assign privileges of changing default settings
  • Even has the feature of sending notification to registered users of unauthorized attempts of accessing by sending alarms.


  • One cannot actually find any limitations concerning this product as you know that it’s a recognizable entity as certified by the F.B.I but the only thing that you can see which would act as a limitation is its price which is obvious for the features it is offering.

The micro vault is a portable designed gun safe which comes with a dual unlocking system. It has a parented no-eyes keypad as well as a biometric pad that provides it a rapid access even at low light.


If you care about build quality, the 18 gauge solid steel construction put this safe ahead of the pack. Not just that but the use of precise fittings makes the lid pry-resistance.

It’s small size really make it portable so that you can use this biometric gun safe bedside.

For its biometric technology, you have a system that can keep up to 120 fingerprints and to refine it, it makes use of an algorithm equipped with the capacity to recognize your fingerprint in a snap and allow to have quick access to your valuables.

Inside it has small pockets for storing smaller items such as your documents or other ammunition. For backup purposes, you have a backup key as well as a 4-foot security cable. Capacity-wise, it can store a one handgun together with its ammunition.

Other important features to note include:

  • High strength lock mechanism
  • Interior foam for protection
  • Fire protection features


  • Has a protective foam-lined interior & an 18-gauge steel construction.
  • Almost impossible to open this safe with hand tools for its precise fittings.
  • The capability to log up to 120 individual fingerprints for access.


  • Apart from its high range price, it’s almost impossible to make this device any more secure and reliable on technical aspect as its one of the best in a class biometric device that is available in the market.
Gunvault “Speedvault” SV-500

We’ve kept this next to our list is because of its bad-ass looks and its revolutionary design. This make Gunvault Biometric gun safe one of the best gun safe. Now to brief you like the product name suggest it is a device to store a handgun. With the Speed vault biometrics, it’s a ready-for-action kind of a device. The discreet designing of the device comes hand in hand with the speed of the device.


You can take this safe and mount it in any orientation and it will easily fit, thanks to its special flexible design. With an 18 gauge steel construction, you can hope for the best of burglar protection with this safe. Inside it comes fitted with a clean foam and this is great for your gun’s sake.

Space-wise it’s large enough to fit an average handgun together with its ammunition. Its biometric lock is pretty reliable. Once it allows you access to the safe, a drawer drops down almost instantly allowing quick access to your gun.

Other cool features include:

  • Holds up to 120 individual fingerprints
  • Backup override key
  • High strength lock mechanism
  • Interior courtesy light


  • The safe comes with a Biometric Fingerprint Scanner and an Activation button which can add more than a 100 different individuals with their respective finger prints.
  • Feature of Fast Activation drop which gives you a power of quick access.
  • Comes with a protective foam-lined interior and an 18gauge steel construction.
  • Consists of a Backup override key.
  • Has multiple mounting options along with hardware.


  • The only concern of this system is its space as the storage units are compact. Unlike other safes you don’t get the privilege of storing other valuables along with your weapons.
  • Not fireproof

This product is one of the most popular biometric safe among all as if you are a budget freak and you need to even look for better security concern this is something that can satisfy you. The factor such as portability and weightlessness defines this product being so popular.


Besides having enough space to keep multiple handguns, the safe has excellent build quality as seen in its 31-pound steel. Its biometric system is not just foolproof but also allows simple and quick access to the safe. Everything happens in a snap. A sound will beep to notify you of your actions.

For protective purposes, it also comes already pre-dilled for bolting to the ground. Inside it features a floor mat that guards your gun against scratches. Other worthy features you will want to check out include:

  • Features mountain hardwares
  • Two emergency backup keys
  • Can keep up to 30 fingerprints


  • It comprises of a unique fingerprint sensor pad for easy and secure access.
  • Its light weightiness and compactness is a standalone feature that people look out for.
  • It has the capability of storing up to 30 fingerprints.
  • Apart from storing your weapons it gives you the privilege of storing important documents and other stuffs.
  • It has two backup keys which includes even mounting hardware’s.
  • Being the entry level biometric safe it is quite affordable which is why it’s been so popular among the biometric safe devices.


  • The device needs to me mounted somewhere for it is a lightweight device and can be easily portable which makes it in a way vulnerable in case of theft.
  • It does not have a fireproof design so it can be a huge concern in an accidental fire situation.

This product is one of the most popular biometric safe among all as if you are a budget freak and you need to even look for better security concern this is something that can satisfy you. The factor such as portability and weightlessness defines this product being so popular.


Besides having enough space to keep multiple handguns, the safe has excellent build quality as seen in its 31-pound steel. Its biometric system is not just foolproof but also allows simple and quick access to the safe. Everything happens in a snap. A sound will beep to notify you of your actions.

For protective purposes, it also comes already pre-dilled for bolting to the ground. Inside it features a floor mat that guards your gun against scratches. Other worthy features you will want to check out include:

  • Features mountain hardwares
  • Two emergency backup keys
  • Can keep up to 30 fingerprints


  • It comprises of a unique fingerprint sensor pad for easy and secure access.
  • Its light weightiness and compactness is a standalone feature that people look out for.
  • It has the capability of storing up to 30 fingerprints.
  • Apart from storing your weapons it gives you the privilege of storing important documents and other stuffs.
  • It has two backup keys which includes even mounting hardware’s.
  • Being the entry level biometric safe it is quite affordable which is why it’s been so popular among the biometric safe devices.


  • The device needs to me mounted somewhere for it is a lightweight device and can be easily portable which makes it in a way vulnerable in case of theft.
  • It does not have a fireproof design so it can be a huge concern in an accidental fire situation.

Factors to Consider before buying a Biometric safe

When we are asking you to buy a biometric safe it is essential for us to inform you about the facts that must be taken into account as you are the one who’s about to spend money to grab these products, so let us brief you about certain fundamentals for the record before we get down to the list.

Drawbacks of normal locking systems

First of all it’s a necessity for us to accept technology and we need to move ahead of those ancient analog or keyboard based locking system where we would need to remember certain digits to open our safes.

Time consuming

In an emergency, we can’t afford to waste our time on remembering those passcodes to open our lockers. Often, you will always have to remember those combinations attached to your safe systems and that’s really time-consuming.

Not perfect for emergencies

And last but not the least no matter how simple you think your combination locks are it’s not that easy to deal with them when you are in some sort of an emergency and you need to access your safe fast. Sometimes even a wrong passcode could make you wait for minutes to retry again.

So it’s a recommendation that you need to drop your plans about buying these old fashion systems and opt for something that’s quick and much reliable than these systems.


Advantages of a fingerprint Biometric locking system

Well, now that you know what the biometric safes are (in brief, a security system for your gun and valuable possessions), we would like to brief you about these safes so that this alarming sensation to grab one makes sense to you.

Top grade security

First, we would like to inform you that the level of security that these systems provide is at par excellent. They are reliable as the systems won’t even allow a tad bit of unauthorized access. Just like you would expect!


These are lightning fast systems as they can respond to a touch of your fingers to a command of your voice, so it gives one a time-saving approach when in need of your weapon & the best part is you get rid of remembering anything other than reaching your safe when in need.

So by all this information, you can deduce that you would never ever be in any confusion of the security concerns relating to your armor. We can expect that now we are able to clear the concept of biometric gun safes to you. It’s time now for you to choose as to which is affordable and what you need for storing your weapon.

But before we give you the options with these biometric gun safes it’s very much necessary for you to understand certain legalities that you must be aware of.

Drawbacks of biometric gun safe

All the biometric gun safes require power to work on and hence needs to charged on a regular basis. What happens when your gun safe is not charged and you need it on a immediate basis. Biometric gun safes are usually expensive than other gun safes available in the market.

There are some drawbacks of the biometric gun safes but wouldn’t you want better access to your gun safe when you are in the need. Biometric gun safes just provide you with that. Hence, purchasing a biometric gun safe won’t hurt you in the long run and will protect your family better.

Guidelines for legal processioning of Gun safes followed by manufacturers

Now when breaking the air about these legalities and the stuff we would like to inform you that the possession of guns and the gun safe largely depends on which part of the world you belong. When you are opting for a weapon or these gun safes you need to be familiar with the laws of the land you reside in.

As you may be well aware, any accidental use of any weapon would cause you to stand behind bars and face consequences. The United States of America, for instance, has quoted in their legislature that unsafe storage of firearms is a public health and safety issue and has strict governance over these issues. In fact, they even have governing bodies to these laws plus measures like Child Access Prevention.

What’s great to note is that the biometric gun safe that we are talking about follow strict legalities. So here are the Guidelines for legal processioning of Gun safes followed by manufacturers:

  • The gun safe shall provide storage of armors with security.
  • The bolt should be have a combination of handling secured by the lock with at least ½ inch thickness to resist the door lock from the door of the safe.
  • The gun safe should have longevity of use which is achievable by constructing it with a minimum of 7 gauge steel plate reinforced construction or a 12 gauge steel compound construction.
  • There shall be a protection pertaining to the removal of doors by protecting it with door hinges.

Moving ahead it’s time now to introduce few Biometric gun safe that we have listed by sorting them as to the best option that you can opt for considering every aspect that’s a major concern for you covered with the note of the most secure and budget friendly which would safeguard your needs as well as see to the fact that it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.

Time to get and grab one of its kind

So we’ve provided you with five of the best biometric gun safes that you can opt for considering your safety as well as your budget.

If you have a budget to be reckoned with you could try the BARSKA biometric safe or the GunVault SV500 Speed Vault Handgun Safe, but we would suggest you to consider the security of your people around and maybe re-consider your decision about which would be tad bit safer up the order as this investment can be considered as a one-time investment and it can actually help you to keep your other valuable as well as your future investment to be much safer.

Having all this said and done, no matter which biometric gun safe you choose to buy, you can rest assured that all of the above-mentioned gun safes would provide you the safety that we’ve mentioned previously as all of these safes are built following the guidelines of the law of the land about safeguarding your weapons.

Best Gun Safe under $1000

Best Gun Safe under $1000

Small and medium sized gun safes,  will do a great job at protecting your shotgun or rifle not just against intruders but also children. However, sometimes we have special needs. It could be that you need extra protection perhaps against fire or maybe you have an extensive collection of firearms and the small-medium safes don’t seem like a nice fit.

PictureProduct NameNet WeightPriceShipping
Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic551 lb.$$$No Shipping Charges
Stack-On FS–24490 lb.$$$$No Shipping Charges
Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Safe453 lb.$$$No Shipping Charges
Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+595 lb.$$No Shipping Charges
Barksa Large Biometric Safe 420 lb.$$$No Shipping Charges

In this case, what you need is a high-quality safe. Such safes are usually relatively heavier for right reasons and also fireproof. Some have extra features for added protection and efficiency. For less than $1000, you can own one and our list is here to make your wish come true.

So check out our top 5 selections for the best gun safes under $1000.

Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E 7.9 Cubic Featured

Coming in at the top of the offerings is the Mesa Safe Company MBF5922E. This gun safe is one of the most popular choices on the market. It is favored not only for its high-end security features but also for the fact that it can be acquired for less than $1000.


Excellently built with a sturdy exterior, the Mesa safe company MBF5922E has enough space to accommodate multiple guns and ammunition. Brandishing both technology and functionality, this is the best quality gun safe that can even double up as a safe for other valuables.

In addition to that, it has a 4-way locking system with the a dozen huge one and a half steel locking bolts.

Other important features to note:

  • Electronic lock secured by a hard plate and relocker
  • 12 gauge body and 11 gauge steel door
  • Drill, pry and punch resistant
  • Adjustable shelving


  • It can survive in a fire of temperatures reaching 1750F for one hour as well as a 2 story impact fall
  • It has a fully upholstered interior to protect the guns from damage and can accommodate 14 long guns. To create more room you can move the adjustable shelving
  • The interior has 3 electrical sockets and 2 USB ports for lighting as well as powering and charging electronics
  • This safe is also mountable as it comes fitted with four holes for this purpose


  • It really is difficult to find fault with this safe except the general aspect of the possible permeability of the 12 gauge steel although it is quite a sturdy exterior

Besides being able to withstand extreme temperatures for up to one hour, this safe meets all the basic needs of any gun owner and even goes beyond, thanks to additional features that add to its functionality. For its price, you get great value in return.

Stack-On FS–24 Featured

Lined up second on our list is the Stack-On FS -24. This offering from the reputable manufacturer Stack-On offers gun owners a prolific safe that can house, as its name suggests, 24 rifles and shotguns. It features amazing biometrics that are inlaid into the design. It is also ETL rated and DOJ compliant.


To fit 24 long guns, the Stack-On FS 24 has a lot of room within the sleek design. This is a distinct advantage as it allows the guns to line up snugly next to each other without any damage to the guns.

Now seeing as the whole point of a gun safe is to keep the gun out of reach but near enough for those moments of need, this safe is the perfect fit for discretion.

Other features Worth Mentioning are:

  • Pry resistant doors
  • An organizer in the interior
  • It has barrel rest standoffs
  • Steel constructed frame


  • It comes fitted with a lockdown feature that shuts the safe down after three trial.
  • You get a lifetime guarantee that if your Stack-On fire resistant safe gets broken into during a theft attempt or damaged in a fire, Stack-On will repair or replace your safe free of charge.
  • It has a two-way locking system with steel live action locking bolts and two dead bots for five locking points. This ensures access to the safe and its contents is a safe affair.


  • Although it is a fire resistant gun safe, it can only last half an hour in a fire raging at temperatures of 1400F
Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Safe Featured

From one of the best gun safe companies, the Steel water heavy duty 20 long gun fire is a safe to reckon with. Consumers investing in this safe can expect amazing features as well as a roomy interior.


As a formidable opponent to burglary and fire, the Steelwater is able to accommodate up to 20 guns. The interior has the two sections that can each hold 10 guns. In addition, the interior is well upholstered to prevent damage to the guns.

Other key features include:

  • 12 gauge steel construction
  • Spacious interior
  • 8 times larger hard plate
  • Pry resistant doors


  • It has gear driven bolts manipulated using a 3 spoke handle. The bolt work has solid steel locking bolts
  • It features a hard plate that can counter drill and punch attacks
  • The safe features an electronic lock which is EMP proof making it even more secure
  • It comes with a high security backup key to counter any lock malfunction
  • It can also survive for 45 minutes while under temperatures of up to 1550F
  • It has four holes to enable owners to mount the safe and anchor it
  • It also comes with free 200g reusable dehumidifying silica gel to keep the interior in prime condition


  • None that we can think of!

Just looking at all the features that come loaded into this safe, it’s clear that it was made to exceed expectations. Whether it is protection, build quality, fire resistance, or aesthetics, this safe brings the best and it’s definitely a great pick in its class. Just to show you how tough this safe is, please watch the video below:

Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Featured

Making it to our list is the Modular Electronic Lock fireproof Titan 12+. The sturdy construction makes it impenetrable while keeping it simple and easy to use.


Notably the Modular Electronic Lock Fireproof Titan 12+ Gun Safe comes with the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 2300F when exposed to fire. This quality holds huge sway for many consumers looking to acquire a gun safe. Falling into the under $1000 category, this safe features incredibly high-end safety functions while embodying strength and versatility.

Other important features worth mentioning include:

  • Impact resistant
  • Electronic lock
  • Lined interior


  • It can remain unscathed when exposed for an hour in a raging fire of up to 2300F
  • It has an electronic lock with 8 three-four inch chrome steel locking bolts. This makes for assured locking making it unable to pry open easily
  • It comes fitted with adjustable interior shelves that allow for more storage space to be created
  • One gets a full year warrant


  • Can only hold a maximum capacity of 12 rifles and shotguns

With its modular design, moving this safe about and assembling it is a quick and simple task. It’s also sturdy and versatile enough to meet the needs of different kinds of gun owners.

Barksa Large Biometric Safe Featured

A high-grade performer, particularly when it comes to security, the Barksa large biometric gun safe features on our list because it has unique biometric features that make it ideal for your guns. With 12 removable racks, this safe is preferred by many consumers because it is functional yet discrete.


Of all the safes featured on our list we must commend the organizational features of this safe. The fingerprint scan is ideal as it secures the safe efficiently while also giving you easy access to it. Clearly, the safe is designed to keep the guns safe from children and burglars aside while allowing owners to have total control of it.

Other key features include:

  • Foam interior
  • 6 pre-drilled holes for mounting
  • Backup keys for a manual override
  • Steel constructed frame


  • It has 120 programmable users making it user-friendly and accessible to other users
  • The safe also comes with a silent access mode feature for stealth and zero feedback
  • It can easily be anchored using the six pre-drilled holes
  • The interior is padded with soft material to keep the guns in place and prevent any damage


  • Considering the technology that has been infused into the Barksa Large biometric safe, you may need a manual to work it. This is the only drawback as many consumers find they have to seek guidance even while using the manual

Overall, the joys of this safe far outweigh the minor setbacks. It’s feature-rich and protective enough to give you the much-needed peace of mind concerning the safety of your valuables. At its price, this safe is definitely a great buy and worth every $$ you pay for it.


This concludes our list of the best gun safes under $1000 and each of the safes we’ve just mentioned has specific special features that make it distinct from the rest. As a buyer it’s therefore important to identify your needs first before making your purchase just to be sure that you are making the correct purchase. If you think that 600-1000$ is out of your budget then maybe you would like to see the list of gun safes under 500$. This might cheer you up even more!

Best Gun Safe under $500

Best Gun Safe under $500

Owning a gun is great and we thank our constitution for that. Here are top 2 gun safe under $500: Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 and Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire SafeI’m not exactly sure where you live but in various countries including the United States, citizens enjoy the rare freedom to own a gun. But did you know that that comes with plenty of responsibility?

PictureProduct NameNet WeightPriceShipping
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX1165282 lb.$$$No Shipping Charges
Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Safe147 lb.$$$No Shipping Charges
Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22245 lb.$$No Shipping Charges
V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe98 lb.$$No Shipping Charges
Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe225 lb.$$$No Shipping Charges

Each of them is important and our focus today is on keeping it safe. This brings us to safes. Safes are the best and reliable places to keep your gun or other valuables. At almost any budget, you could get yourself one and today we cap our budget at $500.

Usually, those that cost beyond this limit tend to come loaded with advanced and extensive protective features but at this budget, you could still get a model that meets your needs.
If you have a higher budget you might want to take a look at our round-up of the best gun safes under $1000.

Just before you buy a safe there are a few things one should consider and the following video takes you through that:

Well, we scouted the internet for the best safes under $500 and here’s what we found out.

Best Gun Safes Under 500

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652

Value really matters to most of us and this safe does this best. For its low price, you get great security features, a sturdy biometric gun safe, and above all else, an affordable option to store your guns and valuables.


You can keep a total of 4 rifles inside safe and security-wise, it comes fitted with the reliable Barska biometric fingerprint reader able to keep a maximum of 120 fingerprints. Placing your finger on the reader activates it with 4 seconds in which the lock open opens.

As for storage, it comes with a 4-position rest where you could keep your rifles upright and steadily. An additional small shelf ensures you have a convenient place to keep your spare magazines or ammo.

It’s also great to see that much effort was put to make the safe sturdy as seen in the fact that it’s been made out of 2mm steel. And to give the steel a nice appearance, it’s been coated with a matte black color which makes for a luring finish.

Other features worth noting include:

  • 3-point deadlocking system
  • Safe beeps when opening the door
  • Pre-drilled for bolting
  • 3 backup keys
  • Emergency backup battery


  • You can access the safe at any time, whether day or night
  • Allows quick access in the event of an emergency
  • Comes with backup keys and battery
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Great safe for keeping your valuables away from children or intruders


  • Not waterproof and fireproof
  • Not long enough to keep specific rifles

Overall, the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652 is a reliable option in its class and within this price range. Not being waterproof and fireproof is justified by the fact it costs a lot cheaper but if you a lot more you could yourself a safe with such features. But if you will what you’ve read about this safe, then don’t hesitate to get yourself one.

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Safe

If your need for a safe is necessitated by the need to keep dozens of valuable of items, stack on GCDDG-8916 16 safe has your wish covered. Space and size were central in designing this safe and this is clear in the fact that it has two huge compartments each almost the size of a typical safe.

Each of the compartment has a door that opens to their storage and each storage has the capacity to keep 8-guns. Looking at the massive size of this safe, you are as good as having two safes in the space of one.


One thing that fascinates most about this safe is the flexibility which you can re-organize the space inside to fit your different needs. You can convert one side to keep your pistols while the other side stores your rifle. Alternatively, you could set aside one side to keep your ammunitions while the other one to store your other valuables.

A 3-point locking system together with a double butted key-coded lock make the safe secure. This is further reinforced with its solid steel construction. Still, it has plenty of other advanced features you will want to check out and they include:

  • Stack-On’s patented, contoured & molded barrel rest plus barrel standoffs designed for scoped guns
  • Flush mount bottom to allow for simple fastening to the floor
  • Pre-drilled holes for bolting
  • Reinforced full-sized steel door
  • Foam padded sides as well as bottom


  • Very spacious and durable
  • Adjustable shelve
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Durable green epoxy finish
  • Molded barrel rests will not compress or deteriorate over time
  • Flush mount bottom allows simple fastening to the floor


  • Doors don’t fit tightly and lack dust seal
  • No fire or water protection

It’s clear that this unit was designed with the comfort of the user in mind and for its price, it counts as one of the most affordable yet safest and spacious way to store your gun. To be specific, if your are after space and protection, the Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Safe is a perfect fit for this budget.

Stack-On GCDG-9216 16-Gun Convertible Safe featured

One really profound attribute this safe brings along is class and functionality. This two combine to give it a unique edge over others in its class. Besides being fully convertible, it comes with an electronic lock that is fully tested and found to meet firearm safety standards.


This safe can hold up to 22 shotguns or rifles that measure up to 54 inches in height. As for the firearms, it can take up to 11. It comes loaded with four adjustable shelves and a fully carpeted interior.

Its electronic lock comes equipped with operational lights for various tasks including open, incorrect entry or low battery. Aesthetically, it comes in a neat matte black finish which is basically an epoxy paint finish but with chrome accents plus a silk-screen on its door. The rest of the features include:

  • Two-way locking
  • 1-inch steel action locking bolts
  • Concealed hinges plus hinge side steel dead bolts for added security
  • Patented molded barrel rests


  • Very accurate
  • Quick access plus two manual backup keys
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Durable and spacious
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Easy to set the combination lock


  • No fire or water protection
  • Electronic lock malfunctions which is a standard across all safes with this system

Overall, this safe offers great value for its price. It’s sturdy and sizeable and above all else comes loaded with extensive protective features to ensure your valuables are kept safe.

V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

A quick look at this safe will have you making a quick judgment that it’s small which it is but that aside, there’s the other side you should know. The body is made out of steel and it is under the protection of a powder coated finish which guarantees long-term durability.


Back to size, the safe can keep two long guns but those that are without flashlights or scopes mounted onto them. If you have rifles that are relatively wide, you will face a challenge storing them in this safe but if you intend to store your rifle and shotgun perhaps, then it will do so without any difficulties.

When it comes to protection, the lock utilizes a mechanical lock which is programmable hence allowing to adjust the push button combination as you wish. Additional lock at its top and bottom also add to the security.

Other key features you will want to note include:

  • Pre-drilled holes for bolting to the floor
  • Pry resistant clam shell design


  • Flexibility in access (You can choose quick or long based on the combination)
  • Great reliable locking system
  • Easy to mount because it is light
  • Long term durability


  • It is thin so no stacking
  • Being light means one must mount it or else somebody could pick it and walk away with it
  • No fire or water protection

Well, regardless of its size and weight, for its price, this lock offers great value. You have access to a great locking system plus additional locks for added security. It is sturdy and does the job well especially if you mount it to the floor.

Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe

If you are just getting to know safes, the Stack On brand which you’ve already seen in our earlier mentions is one of the solid brands in this space known for manufacturing all kinds of safes from the smallest to aggressive ones such as the Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe.


As you would expect, the safe comes equipped with a 3-point locking feature but the highlight of this feature is that its tamper and pry proof. It utilizes an electronic lock as its locking system. The lock of course requires combination. And what’s great is that the style combinations are simple and will allow a quick access to your safe depending on how you set them.

Thanks to the adjustable barrel rests inside the safe, you can keep your modern sporting rifles inside. It’s also relatively heavy and this is great for security purposes. If you are into taste and style, the black powder coat paint finish, a silver gray door plus black silk-screen all blend to give this safe a unique and classic look,.

Other key features to note include:

  • 3 adjustable shelves
  • Electronic lock comes equipped with operational lights for various tasks including open, low battery, and incorrect entry
  • Carpeted interior
  • ETL rated fire resistant safe
  • CA DOJ Approved
  • Resistant for 30 minutes up to 1400 degrees
  • Four-way locking
  • 5-inch live action locking bolts
  • Reinforced steel doors


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Extensive security features
  • Fire protection
  • It’s heavy which is a huge challenge to burglar


  • None so far

For its size and all the features that it comes loaded with, this safe is a great buy. Not to mention that it is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Just looking at buyer reviews all over, there’s no doubt that the safe is a favorite to many gun owners. So don’t hesitate to get yourself one.


If you’ve just made a decision to get yourself a safe as a gun owner, congratulations! That shows you respect your responsibilities which should actually be the case.

So as you sort through our top 5 best gun safe under $500 list to find that which suits you best, always remember that regardless of your budget, there’s still a great safe that could meet your needs. We’ve availed to you the best buys and so what remains is for you to pick what suits you best and make that purchase now.

If you can afford those beyond this price tag, check out this Winchester Gun Safe reviews for more options and for a look at the best gun safe reviews go here.

Best Vehicle/Car Gun Safe 2018

Best Vehicle Car Gun Safe Featured

Highways are not the safest of places and that’s probably why you need among other things, a gun not to just to protect you but your car as well. And this brings with it some responsibilities. Should you ever carry a gun inside your car, it goes without question that you should lock it up. Fail to do that and you’ll be putting your life and that of other people at risk.

In the event of a wreck, the gun could pose a serious threat and also there’s possibility that someone could steal it while you are away shopping or sorting out your gas.

PictureProduct NameSizePriceShipping
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Car Safe Model3.2" x 12.1" x 9.9"$$$No Shipping Charges
Gunvault NV200 Nanovault 200 Safe1.5" x 6.5" x 9.5"$$$No Shipping Charges
GunVault MicroVault MV500-STD2.5" x 8.5" x 11"$$No Shipping Charges
Homak HS10036683 Electronic Access Pistol Box10" x 3.5" x 7.5 "$$No Shipping Charges
Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe4" x 12" x 10"$$$No Shipping Charges

These plus plenty of other reasons show just how much we need a car gun safe. So far, this is the best way to keep your gun in your car or truck.

We understand it can get overwhelming narrowing down on the best car gun safe that meets your needs and that’s why we’ve done all the work for you. So check out our list:

SentrySafe Featured

Sentry safe has a reputation for manufacturing quality products and as you would guess, the Sentry Safe Pistol Safe is no different. In fact the company rates it as the most secure safe to date that they’ve ever produced. Well, we’ll find out if that’s true in a few.


Thanks to the zero feedback electronic lock, you can quietly access your firearm without an intruder taking note that. In emergency cases, they won’t be alerted when you access your safe to pull out the firearm and this sounds really good.

Besides its override key and digital lock, there’s an additional biometric lock option. This offers advanced protection where you can quickly detect your fingerprint and allow you fast access to your gun or other valuables. Have a look at our article about the best biometric gun safes for more information.

Also loaded into this safe is a compression gas strut that flips open the lid holding it in open position. What this does is allow you to have single-handed access to what’s inside the safe. This great because you won’t have to move the safe or make movements/noises that will alert the intruder.

Other features you will want to note include:

  • Pry resistant top lid design
  • Electronic keypad
  • Solid steel construction
  • Pry-resistant door


  • Quick & Whisper-quiet entry
  • 100% accurate scanner
  • You can mold it to run on AC
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to program


  • Relatively short battery life

If you intend to fit your safe under your car’s seat, this safe is just right for that. And remember it still comes loaded with advanced protective features most notable one being the quick and whisper-quiet entry. Together with the others we just mentioned, this safe makes for a great investment.

GunVault featured

Affordability is a big deal to many of us and looking at this safe, it feels like the manufacturer had us in mind first while coming up with it. Yes, it’s ridiculously cheap but that’s not even the best thing yet. For this price, you get a safe that is not just a perfect fit for your car but also one you could discreetly fit in your bad, desk or briefcase.


As you would guess, the safe is slim ye really strong and highly protective. Its build quality is characterized by an 18 gauge steel housing. This is solid enough to give you the best protection you can wish for. An interior foam helps to keep your valuables from damage, rattling or any other impacts.

The safe utilizes key locking mechanism that lets you open or close and this is great because you no longer need to worry about batteries running out. Besides that, operating this kind of system is pretty simple.

Other features you should expect include:

  • 1500 lb test security cable
  • Meets TSA Airline firearm guidelines
  • 5-year warranty for burglary and fire


  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable
  • 5-year warranty
  • Solid lock


  • Some users don’t like how it smells

For its little price and all the features it comes loaded with, this safe is a great fit into this category. If you need a compact and inexpensive safe to move around with in your car, look no further than this safe.

GunVault MV500 Microvault Pistol Gun Safe Featured

If your priority need is to secure your firearm mostly for transport and to meet legal requirements, look no further than this safe. It could as well help you secure your firearm from children.

Well-engineered to sustain hard punishments, thanks to its 20 gauge steel housing, you will like the fact that you are getting top security in the market right now with this safe. To add on to that, it comes from one of the reputable range of gun safes made by GunVault.


Named the No-Eyes keyboard, the safe’s patented locking mechanism is designed to allow you quick access to what’s inside the safe even when it’s dark. You can program it to keep a secret code. And just to baffle you, the number of combinations you could choose using this keypad go well beyond 12 million.

On the outside, it has been designed in such a way as not to allow any purchase points that a thief could take advantage of to pry this safe open. Also included is a security cable that you could attach to its pre-drilled holes.

For further protection, it also features a tamper detection mechanism that is designed to lock the keypad should one make more than 24 incorrect entries. After locking, the safe will switch to a sleep mode for about 2 minutes and during this time, should any keypad be pressed, the safe will alert the registered user of unauthorized attempts.

Well, besides these, other features to expect include:

  • Interior foam
  • 9-volt battery
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • CA DOJ approved


  • Heavy steel construction
  • Soft interior
  • High-strength locking mechanism
  • Override key plus security cable
  • Easy to operate


  • Needs extra care handling its locking mechanism

Just looking at everything that’s been packaged into this safe, it readily comes off a reasonable for its little price. If you are out to find a safe that does a great job of securing your firearm in controlled situations, from your vehicle to home and other places, get yourself this safe.

Homak HS10036683 Electronic Access Pistol Box Featured

Everything about this safe makes it an ideal safe you will want to have when you want to keep your handguns tucked away while in your vehicle. Its build quality comprises of top grade raw materials and a patented design that resists prying. Together with an electronic locking system, this safe is sure to give your gun and even family the protection they deserve.


To make it last long and endure the toughest of punishments, this safe uses a solid powdered steel construction. Addition of a keyless quick-access code means there will be no unauthorized access to your handguns or other valuables kept in the safe. Should a person feed incorrect password three times, the unit will switch to a timed lockout mode for 15 minutes.

No thief will easily pry the unit open, thanks to the patented design which is characterized by rounded corners and the ability in close in a snap. The safe is battery operated but unlike most other safes which won’t open when the battery runs out, you could open this unit electronically. Simply connect a 9V battery and that will power on the electronic locking system.

Other key features to note include:

  • It comes in three different sizes
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Rubber mat to protect the gun
  • Piano hinge door


  • Easily programmable lock
  • Quick and fast access
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Low price range
  • Built-in back up entry


  • Difficult to operate in the dark

Considering the fact that you could mount it anywhere, this versatility is great for a vehicle owner as you could choose any place you feel convenient to mount in your car. Besides that, it has nice protective features and above all else, it is sturdy and strong enough to give your gun decent protection.

The product’s price is also on a lower side so you don’t have to shed too much money to purchase it. You should also see the Leather Shoulder Holster if you own a handgun. A holster is the best option to hide a handgun as it is easily available at a nominal price and it can be carried anywhere easily.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe Featured

Ratings don’t lie and in this case, the higher ratings given to this safe attest of its greatness as the ultimate safe for any gun owner looking to have a gun safe for their vehicle. Two aspects that stand out in this safe are strength and reliability.


Being made out of heavy 10-gauge steel means the safe meets the standard for not just safe construction but reliability when it comes to build quality. Inside it has a foam that helps to protect your handguns and other valuables from impacts.

Inclusion of four pre-drilled holes means you can mount the safe for added security. The safe utilizes a simplex locks system. For those who don’t know, the lock has been around for eons and it makes use of a variation of different buttons when it comes to unlocking. It’s quick and easy to use.

Other features include:

  • Tamper resistant hinge
  • Gas strut for easy and effortless access
  • Silver powder coat finish
  • CA DOJ approved


  • Reliable locking system
  • Durable and strong
  • Lifetime warranty
  • You don’t need batteries


  • Lacks security cable
  • Due to its relatively huge size, hiding it might be a challenge

Just as we mentioned earlier, if you care about reliability and strength, this safe offers the best bang for your bucks. Even though you could a few challenges trying to fit it in your car due to its large size and the fact that it opens from the top, it still does its main job well which is giving the much-needed protection to your gun and other valuables. The price of this gun safe is on the higher side but it is worth every penny just like a Winchester safe whose price is high but the features are also worth it.


These are the best car gun safes available for both cars and trucks. We choose only the best products for our readers as we want everyone to be happy and satisfied. One common factor among all the safes we’ve just listed is that they boast of high ratings and extreme recommendation for use in vehicles. Keep in mind that failure to keep your gun safely in your vehicle could see you face legal consequences. So to stay away from that and also keep your gun and family safe, be sure to pick any of these safes and you will be glad you made a great investment.

Hiding a gun safe inside your car is also very important. You might also want to check out the common mistakes people make while hiding a car gun safe in their car. In the Video you can easily see those mistakes and avoid them in future.

I hope you enjoyed the Video and the article. I just want to provide you knowledge so that you don’t make common mistakes.

Happy Shopping!

Top 5 Best Quick Access Gun Safes for Shot Guns and Rifles

Quick Access Gun Safes for Shot Guns and Rifles

Just having a nice safe to keep your shotgun in is great but it’s a different thing all together having a safe where you could keep your shotgun and still have quick access to it in the event of an emergency.

Top Recommendation: Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E and Amsec BF7240 BF Series gun safe – 2017 model

Of course it’s important that such a safe have all the key protection features that a decent safe should have but more importantly, it shouldn’t be manual enough to take eons to access.

PictureProduct NameAccessPriceCapacity
Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11652Quick Access$4 (Rifles)
Amsec BF7240 BF Series gun safe – 2018 ModelVery Quick Access$$$40
Mesa Safe Company MBF6032EQuick Access$$34
Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-7-EFast Access$$24
Stack-On Total Defense TD14-28-GP-E-SNormal Access as compared to others$$24

Most quick access gun safes are designed to keep small firearms. Moving up size-wise, most safes tend to have either manual or electronic locks for different reasons. Well, we did our homework to find what suits your needs best and here’s what we found:


Thanks to its versatility, this rifle safe can not only store rifles and ammo but also guns. But what’s great to note is that it comes loaded with a biometric lock. So besides being keeping your gun safely and away from children and intruders, it also promises you quick access to your safe in the event of an emergency.


A 4-position rest inside the safe helps to keep your guns not just upright but neatly stored. Also, there’s additional space within the safe in the form of a small shelf where you could keep your ammo or spare magazines.

Back to the biometric fingerprint, the system can store a maximum of 120 fingerprints. Another great thing about the lock is that it opens in no less than four seconds after you’ve placed your finger on the reader. And it doesn’t matter whether its day or night, which should be good news to those who often fumble in the dark.

Its body comprises of 2mm steel and it utilizes a 3-point deadlocking system.  Also important to note is that when you access the safe, it’s going to beep so as to alert you. You also have the option to turn off this feature if you wish. You should also check out the list of Biometric gun safes.

Other features worth noting include:

  • Pre drilled for bolting to the floor or wall
  • A set of two backup keys
  • An emergency backup battery
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • CA DOJ approved


  • Quick and simple access
  • Option to open silently
  • Durable
  • Additional shelf space you could store your pistol


  • Not protected from fire or water
  • Relatively small space
  • Will fall over often if not mounted

Overall, this safe is a great solution to those in need of quick access to their guns. Even though it lacks the advanced features such as fireproof or waterproof capability, for its price, it’s pretty much worth the investment as it offers great value in return.


The Amsec BF7240 gun safe is excellently built with a sturdy body and a roomy enough interior. Its manufacturers have touted it as “the world’s most unique gun safe” citing its security and protection as a reason for that.

An additional pre-cut electrical access hole together with the E-Z slant-out interior allows for easy access to the safe. Not to mention two relocking devices and the key-locking dial all of which refine accessibility and add to its protection as well.


Apart from the amazing features ingrained in its design, this safe comes with U.L certified RSC burglary protection as well as ETL certified 120-minute fire protection. The exterior is high gloss with textured paint options.

The lifetime warranty is a great addition to consumers like to have a guarantee that their investment is still covered should something happen.

Other features you will want to note include:

  • ½” thick steel plate door
  • Three-way bolt work
  • 12 massive 11/2 chrome plated bolts
  • Premium Door Organizer (PDO) offers quick access


  • It has a fire resistance of up to 1275F for as long as 120 minutes.
  • Beating even its sister safes from the same manufacturer (BF7250 and BF6024) in the thickness of the steel plate, both have a steel plate doors of 3/8 inch thickness, the BF7240 ½ thick steel plate door makes it more secure.
  • Has the industry’s most flexible interior with a door organizer.
  • Fitted with a storage option for two assault rifles or shotguns on the door
  • Also features dual door seals as protective measures against fire and smoke
  • Comes with a UL residential security container burglary classification


  • It comes with a hefty price tag that can deter many people from acquiring it.

Whether it’s the build quality, protection or accessibility, this safe comes loaded to meet your expectations. Even though it’s on the higher end of the price range, what you get in return is worth the investment.

Mesa Safe

This safe is a 14.4 cubic foot offering from one of the world’s best renown gun safe companies. It can hold up to 30 rifles and still have enough room for your pistols, ammunition and other valuables. Access to this safe is through an electronic lock that is under the protection of a punch activated spring loaded re-locking device.


When it comes to quality gun safes, the Mesa Safe company MBF6032E is a sure win in terms of security and storage. It has a roomy interior that can accommodate all your gun power from pistol to rifles and ammunition. Built with complete steel, the frame sits at around 650 pounds.

Other features worth mentioning include:

  • Internal power strip
  • Pocket door organizer for quick access
  • 2 story impact resistant


  • This safe is able to withstand temperatures of up to 1750F for 1 hour without budging
  • The interior is upholstered for the smaller items like ammunition boxes and knives while at the same time featuring shaped gun rack holds for the shotguns and rifles.
  • It is fitted with a power outlet strip and USB feature to make it a secure gun and valuables hub. The strip has three electrical sockets and two USB ports
  • The locks are drill, pry and punch resistant while the body is made out of 12 gauge thick steel. The locks have a brass finish and are protected by a hard plate
  • The safe features heavy duty steel hinges with 11/2” diameter live locking bolts


  • The keypads can have glitches at times as reported by some users.

Well, as far as space is concerned, this safe has you covered and the presence of an electronic door together with pocket organizer will ensure that you have quick access to your shotguns.


Also featuring on our list is the browning Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E. Widely popular, it is considered among the best long gun safe to acquire this year. It has a well-constructed sturdy exterior for that much-needed security.

Like every other Winchester safe, the Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E offers a UL rated lock and for additional protection you have 1.25- inch solid steel locking bolts plus a drill resistant plate.

Other Winchester safes are equally good just like this safe.


Fitted with functionalities that range from the best security to fire protection and storage, this safe is big enough to house 24 long guns. The interior is considered roomy enough to even allow smaller handguns and other accessories.

Other features worth mentioning are:

  • Quick access due to the door organizer
  • 12 gauge steel body
  • Pry resistant corner bolts
  • Adjustable shelving for additional storage


  • It has pry resistant features that increase its ability to keep your guns secure. These include the heavy 12 gauge steel frame, 4-way lock bolting system, and a reinforced integrated door.
  • It can withstand a raging fire of up to 1400F for 1 hour and come out unscathed. To achieve they are fitted with three layers of fireboard for the door and two layers of fireboard in the body.
  • It comes fitted with a Palusol heat expandable door seal as well as the external door hinge which allows 180 door swing


  • None

Overall, the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-7-E is an all-around kind of safe that fits almost every need. Of course it will accommodate your shotguns as well as allow you quick access thanks to the electronic lock and also use of door organizers.


We close out our list with another highly rated gun safe: the Stack-On TD14-28-GP-E-S. It is noteworthy to mention that this safe meets the requirements of Penal code section 23655 and the regulations issued therein. As for the capacity, the safe can hold up to 24 guns or if you wish a combination of other stuffs with the gun.


The stack-On TD14-28-GP-E-S features a combination lock that keeps it drill, punch and pry resistant. Besides that, it could handle floods as well.

Other features to note include:

  • Waterproof when bolted to the floor
  • 4-way locking bolts
  • Fully carpeted interior
  • Door storage organizer that allows quick access
  • Electrical outlet


  • It is waterproof and can remain standing in water up to 2 feet for up to 72 hours
  • Features a new door storage organizer that provides maximum storage for all the guns and their accessories. This organizer includes zipper bags that can be removed and removable holsters for your pistols
  • There is a 4-way locking system with 5, ½ inch live action locking bolts in addition to 3 dead bolts for each of the eight locking points
  • Can remain unscathed for 75 minutes in temperatures up to 1400F
  • Fitted with a 3 number combination lock with a drill resistant steel plate that is placed behind the lock. This reinforcement makes the safe even more secure


  • None

Besides being spacious enough for your shotgun, this safe guarantees maximum protection from things such as fires and floods not to mention its 3-number combination lock.


Well, there you have it. Each of the safes we’ve listed packs its own special features as far as gun capacity and accessibility is concerned. It’s obvious that each of us has different needs and with that in mind, we came up with a list that should include something for everyone. Stack-On Total Defense TD14-28-GP-E-S is a good choice as its Warranty Options are great.

So before making your purchase vet your needs and proceed to pick the safe that suits you best.

Gun Safe Accessories – Lighting, Door organizers and Dehumidifiers

Gun Safe Accessories – Lighting, Door organizers and Dehumidifiers

There’s but one thing no gun owner should never miss to have- a gun safe. And if you don’t own one yet, now is the time to. Your safety and that of your family should be a reason enough to own a gun safe, not to mention that gun safety is a matter that none of us should dare negotiate with.

Well, if you already own a proper safe that aligns well with your various needs, you might have also realized that there are areas that would do better with additional or new accessories. On its own, a gun safe would still do all it was designed to do but to make it serve you even better, you certainly require a number of things.

PictureProduct NamePriceShipping
Liberty WAND Light Kit$$No Shipping Charges
Stack-On SPAL-300$$$No Shipping Charges
Cannon Safe SSL-03-Electronic Lock Security Safe Light$No Shipping Charges
American Security Model 19 PDO Retro-fit Kits$$$No Shipping Charges
Liberty Door Panels$$$No Shipping Charges
Rifle And Rod Hangers$$No Shipping Charges
Magazine mounts$No Shipping Charges
GoldenRod Electronic Dehumidifier$$$No Shipping Charges
Stack-on Dehumidifier$$$No Shipping Charges
Anchor bolts$$No Shipping Charges
Alarm system$No Shipping Charges
Protection bags$No Shipping Charges

Interior and sometimes exterior lighting, storage, environmental control, and security are some of the major areas that badly require these accessories. By reading on, you will discover the gun safe accessories you need under each of these categories and more importantly, the impact they will have once you install or fix them to your gun safe.

Gun Safe Lighting

Most gun safes will come bearing inbuilt lights only that the said lights aren’t really bright enough. It even gets worse when you begin to fill up your safe with guns and other items. It will certainly become darker especially at the back and this will make it harder for you to access or view what’s inside or at the back.

Thankfully, there are external lights you could fix in the interior of the safe to enhance the lighting. They come in two major categories: battery powered and AC powered. Battery powered LED lights will serve you for about 6 months if you use the light moderately.

AC kits will serve you for as long as there’s the energy to power them. However, you may be required to fix a power outlet on your safe that will be used to supply the energy to the kit.

Some of the lighting options available in the market include:


This light kit will perfectly fit in a 60-inch tall safe and since it’s a 5-wand kit, the light will be bright enough to penetrate the darkest of corners and illuminate your entire safe. It includes an auto on/off motion sensor for added convenience.

Connecting it to your safe will be easy, thanks to the self-adhesive backing as well as connection snaps. But before you peel and stick, it’s best for you to lay out the placement which you could do by planting push pins in the screw slots.

Also worth mentioning is that you can install the lights not just on the hinge but also on the safe’s open sides.

Stack On

Stack-On SPAL-300 is a battery powered LED light bar. It bears three rotating heads with four LEDs inside each head. Turning it on can be done either manually or via setting up a motion sensor code. This will enable the lights to turn on once you open the safe’s door.

Brightness exists in two levels and it’s up to you to choose whichever level works best for you. And thanks to the adhesive, you can fix the light bar anywhere in the safe. However, if your safe has several shelves, you may require more than one light bar if you wish to have the light spread out throughout the entire safe.

Power is provided by 6 AAA batteries able to last several months of moderate use.

Cannon Safe Inc.

Just as the name suggests, this lock is designed to help in illuminating your lock. This can be really helpful if you find it hard to operate your lock at night due to poor vision.

Rather than turning on your lights and drawing attention, the Lock safe light will help you have easy access to your rifle without alerting anyone. In the case of an intruder, this will give you great advantage over them.

The light itself is magnetic and so it easily attaches just over or next to the dial.

Gun Safe Door Organizers

Massive safes definitely cost higher than the small-sized ones and not everyone is able to afford them. Mostly, we go for those safes that have just enough room to keep our current gun(s) and other valuables. But as time goes by, we acquire other valuable items and try to squeeze them right into the already congested space within the safe.

However, there’s way you can make the storage to take in extra items. Take a look at what these gun safe accessories can do.

The majority of the safes certainly have extra space that hasn’t been put to good use. And door organizers exist to ensure such space is put to good use. They will let you keep additional items, mostly the smaller ones such as pistols, documents, or coins.

A good number of the door organizers are made out of fabric and consist of pouches designed to keep your various items intact. You can attach them to the safe’s door using velcro or clasps. Velcro is pretty easy to install. However, it has a limit as to how much weight it can keep. Those held by clasps tend to hold more weight and this makes them a little expensive.

If your safe doesn’t support either of these two, you can opt for aftermarket adhesive strips.

Some of the well-rated and effective door organizers include:

American Security Products

You can fit these kits to almost any gun safe that falls in the medium to large size. The kits comprise of mounting brackets able to work well with both dry and steel wall door panels and the adjustable Velcro straps exist to ensure they fit well into different door sizes.

The organizer includes zippered pockets, long gun and handgun holsters, mesh organizers, and pistol storage. Before purchasing this door organizer, ensure its dimensions match to those of the gun safe.

Liberty Safe

Liberty door panels come in different dimensions meaning they can fit safes of all sizes. Just like every other door organizer, it’s attached to the inside of a gun safe door panel and mounts onto it via mounting brackets. You can store your handguns, magazines, ammo, and dozens of other valuable security items inside this organizers.

All you need to do is identify the right size for your safe before proceeding to make your purchase.

Ultimate Arms Gear

These two closely work together to increase storage space inside a safe. Most safe manufacturers today offer rifle rods. You can learn more about them by watching the video below:

Gun Storage Solutions is a company known to offer the best pack of rifle rods that enable one to store and organize their guns in proper position in order to create additional space for other guns. If your gun safe is cluttered, this is the solution you have been waiting for. You can get it from Amazon today.

Handgun Hangers, on the other side, are used to position the guns under the safe as well as above the long guns. These hangers come in different versions. We have those that can keep two guns below and over the shelf and then there are those that just hang under the shelf leaving you to use the space over it for other functions.

Gun Storage Solutions also offer quality handgun hangers that work well with most safes. These hangers will accommodate guns that measure 10 inches or shorter and will fit well in shelves that measure from 5/8 to 7/8-inches in thickness.

Magazine Mount

Mag mounts will assist you not just to store but also organize your metal magazines. Rather than stacking them at some corner in the bottom of the safe, you can take the mag mount and mount it anywhere in the safe and then stick your magazines on it. You could mount it on the door, under a shelf or even outside the safe if you wish. The mag mount can adhere not just to a metal surface but also on wooden or dry walls with the help of nails.

Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Safes are pretty much sensitive to temperature. For those who aren’t aware, excessive humidity can badly affect your guns. In fact, most safes have reinforced fire doors and plenty of stainless steel parts, in addition to the guns, all of which are vulnerable to corrosion or rust.

Unless you keep your safe in a conditioned environment where the HVAC system can keep the humidity low, you will require a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier helps to protect against the buildup of moisture that could run these parts, including the gun. Not having one amounts to putting the longevity of your safe and its component at risk.

Dehumidifiers came in two forms: the permanent and rechargeable dehumidifiers.

Permanent dehumidifiers will require that you route the power into your safe. It will then heat up the air inside the safe leading to moisture expulsion from the safe. They will also lead to some convection that will lead to constant circulation of air inside the safe.

Rechargeable dehumidifiers, on the other hand, are those that only absorb the moisture for some time before you recharge them once again. Some can last up to 6 weeks once fully charged.

Some of the most effective and reliable dehumidifiers you can buy include:

Goldenrod Original Dehumidifier

Being electronic means you will need to have a hole through which the power plug will pass through. And if your safe is waterproof, you need to find out if it has a power outlet. GoldenRod Electronic dehumidifiers come in different sizes based on your gun safe’s size.

But even the smallest one can keep the moisture under 50% in an area worth 100 cubic feet. The great thing is that with this humidifier, you only plug in once and it does the rest of the job.

Stack-On SPAD-1500 Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier

Once charged, which could only last a day, this rechargeable dehumidifier from Stack-On will keep you going for up to six weeks. It fits well into safes of smaller sizes and you can mount it just about anywhere in the safe.

It comes with an indicator that will tell you when it reaches its moisture absorption limit. And when it does, you are supposed to get it out of the safe and re-charge it again in a place that is well ventilated so that all the moisture can be discharged out.


There are a couple of accessories you can buy and use to enhance the security of your safe. Whether it’s giving added protection to what’s inside or simply making the safe more secure, there are accessories to help you achieve that. Take a look.

Anchor bolts

A high-quality gun safe is every burglar’s prime target. They will want not just to steal it but also break inside to access the contents. And since most of the burglars come ready to take it out, you can make their work harder by securing your safe to the floor with anchor bolts. Most of them are universal and so they can fit into any safe.

Alarm system

Having an alarm system that alerts you once your safe is tampered with is something you might want to consider. You may be lucky if you already have a home security system because all you will be left with is to include an entry sensor on your safe’s door that will notify you when it’s tampered with either through movement or vibration.

Well, there’s still good news to those that lack a home security system. You can buy an exclusive safe monitoring system. Most of them can alert you when the safe’s door opens, when the humidity or temperature rise, amongst other things.

Liberty offers one of the best safe monitoring systems that is battery powered and works via wireless connection

Protection bags

Fire protection varies from safe from safe. However, during fires, some items like sensitive documents could be affected by water used to calm down the fire. So to ensure your documents are safe during such events, you can buy a protection bag that will keep them safe and prevent them from being damaged by either water or the fire itself. Even without a safe, the bags can still keep your documents or simliar items safe.

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