14 Best Hidden Gun Safes 2024 – Home Safety

If you don’t want to make it so obvious that you are a gun owner and that you keep your weapon inside your house, you should think about purchasing the best hidden gun safe.

Best Choice
Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment
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Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment
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Best Choice
Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment
Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment
Also Consider
Quick Click 24" Tactical Gun Concealment Shelf for Hidden Storage | hidden concealment for money and...
Quick Click 24" Tactical Gun Concealment Shelf for Hidden Storage | hidden concealment for money and...

There are many options you can choose from – there are vaults that can be placed inside a wall, closet, drawer, cabinet, etc. One of their advantages is that they will provide extra safety if you live with small children.

Comparison Table:

Top Picks Best Hidden Gun Safes

1. Mantle Clock Gun Concealment Safe

Mantle Clock Gun Concealment Safe


  • Blends in home decoration
  • Attractive wooden construction Reliable Quartz system
  • Magnetically latched
  • Quick access

Oh, this is just awesome. You would never guess that inside this old clock is a security gun box that can keep your weapon, but also some other valuable things like jewelry or money safe. It is designed as a mantel clock that can perfectly blend into your home decorations thanks to the classic and unsurpassed style.

The clock is 13 inches tall, it has an attractive wooden construction with a walnut finish and a quite good and reliable Quartz system. The burglars would never think to check if there is something behind it, so you can be sure your precious belongings will stay safe.

The hidden compartment, which will be at your disposal after you fold down the frontal area, is big enough to keep one smaller handgun and a couple more things. It’s magnetically latched and, therefore, easy to open and close, and the inside walls are covered with soft fabric that will protect your things from damage.

This is one of the highly-rated hidden gun safes and, at the same time, one that has the most affordable price. You will need one AA battery in order for the clock to be working, and the key for manual opening is not included. Make sure not to forget to adjust kayakers so they show the actual time because you don’t want to provoke suspicion by having a clock that doesn’t work as it should.

2. Stealth Defense Vault – Best Under Bed Gun Safe

Stealth Defense Vault


  • High-quality made
  • Durable Backlight installed
  • Foam-padded interior
  • Electric keypad

If you are a shotgun owner, and you are looking for a secure but hidden weapon safe for your home, here is a great one you will find quite handy. It is a simple steel box with a black finish that has a mobile tray where the weapon can be placed. It is suitable to be installed under the bed where not everybody has an approach.

We are talking about a modern, durable, and impenetrable safe made out of 14 gauge steel, with a five-point slide locking bar. Given that it is designed to fit under your bed frame, where it is always dark, especially during the night, the safe has a backlight so you can see properly when you try opening it.

You will be able to use your weapon when you enter the right code connected to the ESL5 electronic lock. The exterior dimensions of this vault are 6 x 52 x 14 inches, while the inside tray that holds the guns is 3 3/8 x 43 ¼ x 13 inches big. The interior is foam-padded, so your belongings won’t be scratched or damaged in any other way while they are inside the safe.

At this moment, this is the only under the bed gun safe that has an illuminated keypad, and you should know that that feature is super practical and useful. This Stealth Defense vault is engineered in accordance with the highest quality specifications, with brand customers in their minds.

The idea of having your shotgun so close to you while you are sleeping, but at the same time away from children’s and burglar’s hands, will give you the much-needed peace.

3. Gunvault SV500 – Under the Desk Safe

Gunvault Sv500


  • One gun capacity
  • High-quality made
  • Fast activation drop-down system
  • Foam covered interior
  • LED lights

Here is something a bit different – specially designed, under the desk vault, perfect for one standard-sized gun you want to keep close to you. It is an 18 gauge steel construction with an interesting and practical structure. You can mount it under your office or home desk, just in the reach of your hand, so you will be able to access the gun in a couple of seconds.

The safe can be opened manually, with the help of a key (you will get two of these), or electronically, by typing your security code in a safe keypad. Thanks to the fast activation drop-down system, you will have full and quick access to its content.

The interior of the safe is covered with soft and pleasant fabric made out of protective foam, so the weapon won’t be damaged in any way while staying in it. The vault comes with mounting hardware you will need in order to attach the safe where you want, and the great thing is that when it comes to mounting, you have multiple options.

To make sure you can see what you are doing, the manufacturer installed LED lights inside the safe, so when you open the door, your gun or other belongings will be illuminated. The high-strength lock mechanism used in this case is proved to be reliable time after time. It’s impossible for an intruder to manage to open it by using any kind of hand tools.

4. Barska Winbest – Hidden Wall Safe

Barska Winbest


  • Firm steel construction
  • Two unlocking systems
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Quick access
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes

This is something slightly bigger. Barska Winbest is a safe that can be hidden inside the wall, with two shelves that can hold your weapons, jewelry, documents, money, and other things you find valuable to you. It has pre-drilled mounting holes, firm steel construction, and two unlocking systems.

You can open its door manually, by using the key, or by using your fingerprints, since this is a biometric safe. The exterior dimensions are 15.4 x 3.7 x 20. 7 inches, while the inside walls are 1.7 x 3.5 x 18.7 inches. The shelves placed inside can be removed or set differently, which is a huge plus, and each one of them has a protective floor mat, so your belongings won’t suffer from any kind of damage while being hidden inside.

In order to make sure no one without access can enter this safe, the manufacturer installed two solid steel locking deadbolts, so you really shouldn’t worry about that. The safe works on two AA batteries that are included in a package, and it has the ability to remember up to 120 different fingerprint sets.

It is designed to be placed on the wall between two studs and to appear just against its surface, which is ideal if you want to hide the safe behind a piece of furniture or a decorative item like a painting. Don’t forget to check the battery status from time to time to make sure your biometric scanner will work fine if you need it.

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5. Tactical Key Rack – In-Wall Secure Storage Safe

Tactical Key Rack


  • Rusticall design
  • Quick access
  • Reliable mechanism
  • Durable Foam covered interior

This one is a bit pricey but it’s worth it. It is a unique and rustically designed hidden compartment for guns that can be very practical and handy. It looks like a key holder most people mount beside their door, so it won’t look suspicious or misplaced at all. It can be opened only by an RFID fob that is hidden in a secretive area.

In case you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend your home from intruders, you will be able to access your weapon quickly and easily. The safe is made in a high-quality manner and based on a reliable mechanism, so it is very durable.

You won’t have a problem accessing it since there are no keyholes or numbers, you just need to wave or tap the RFID card, and the door will be opened. The special hinges are extremely strong, they can hold the compartment door upright the whole time while you are accessing your gun or some other items.

The inside wall is covered with foam lining that has a specific place for your gun, so you can be sure it won’t be damaged in any way. It has enough space for two clips as well. The safe needs two AA batteries that are included, and that will provide you with approximately 15.000 openings.

The alarm will alert you when batteries are low, so you can replace them in time. You will get everything you need to install this hidden safe quickly, including the manual and template right on the box.

6. Secret Book Safe

Secret Book Safe


  • Solid steel made
  • Pry-resistant
  • Carpeted interior
  • Electric keypad
  • Affordable price

This hidden safe is so cool. It’s a perfect diversion given we are talking about a mini-safe that comes with a book disguise that can fool anyone. It will blend into your home shelf easily, whether you place it in your living room, kitchen, garage, or any other place.

You will be calm knowing that your weapon and other belongings are saved and in your hands reach, while nobody can suspect it. The safe is made of solid steel, it has two built-in bolts, pry-resistant steel door and concealed hinges that will make you be sure intruders won’t be able to get what’s inside at any cost.

The safe indoor is carpeted with soft fabric, so your precious belongings will be protected from scratches and damage. Its external dimensions are 9 x 6.6 x 6.7 inches, so it’s one of the smallest home safes. You can access what’s inside by entering your code via the keypad, but there is also an option of using a key if you forged the right numbers or if the battery runs out. You will need four AA batteries that are included in a package.

There is a possibility of mounting it on a wall, floor or shelf, wherever you want it to be, and it has only 6.2 pounds, which means you can bring it with yourself wherever you go. Another advantage of this gun safe is that it is one of the cheapest ones at the marker at this moment.

7. G&G; Concealment Shelf – Hidden Shelf Gun Safe

G&G; Concealment Shelf


  • High-quality made
  • Gas spring hinges
  • Foam-covered interior
  • 20 pounds limit
  • Quick access

If you don’t want your interior design to be disturbed by the rough safe, and you wish it can be hidden from the curious eyes, you should pick this one that looks like a usual wall shelf. It is made of high-quality material and has a simple design, with a compartment that opens at the bottom.

It will blend in your home space perfectly, so even the most experienced thieves won’t be able to see it as a possible gun and money safe. Thanks to the hinges that operate with a damper gas spring, the compartment will be opened and closed in a controlled manner.

The inside things won’t be rolled over the edge of a tray when the safe is opened. If you want to hold the only weapon inside, you can place a foam lining that has openings of appropriate size and shape.

That way, you will be sure they will not move while being inside, and that they won’t be damaged in any way. Given that the safe is quite small, with an interior that’s 13.5 x 8 x 1.75 inches large, you will be able to store multiple full-sized guns and some additional accessories.

But don’t forget that it has a load limit of 20 pounds. That includes the thing you keep inside, but also outside, on top of the shelf.

Finding the Best Hidden Gun Safe – Buying Guide

The market is full of these hidden gun safes. As it turns out, people find them quite practical and handy, and they enjoy the fact that nobody knows what’s behind their paintings, key holders, under their desks, etc.

If you are also interested in possessing one of those, make sure to carefully think about what you need it for exactly, how big you want it to be, what type of unlocking system you prefer, and so on.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Product

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Product

1. Quick & Easy Access

If you decided to have a gun for protection, it’s crucial that you have quick access to it at any moment. That means you should look for those hidden safes that can be unlocked in just a second or two, via fingerprint or code. And it would be great if they can be placed in a handy spot you can reach easily.

Besides that, your vault should have some lightning, because in a total dark and some stressful situations you won’t be able to find it easily.

2. Storage

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Product Storage

Some of the concealable gun safes like the one that can be placed under the bed, or the one that can be mounted into the wall have a lot of space. They are designed to keep a shotgun, for example, like the first one we mentioned, as well as some other valuable things, while the second one can be your special hidden space where you can place your precious jewelry, documents, money, weapons, and some other stuff. But most of them are pretty small, just so they can hold one handgun.

3. Mounting Options

Not every hidden safe can be mounted. Some of them, like the one with books camouflage, is designed in a way that only allows it to be placed at one spot. The same is with the clock that has a secret compartment.

But others have this option, and they often come with pre-drilled holes, and with everything, you might need in order to attach them under the table, on or in a wall, under the bed, etc. Think about that before purchasing one, it can be an additional safety mechanism that will prevent the intruder from taking the safe even if they figure it out where it is.

4. Security Features

Security Features

The lock of a safe is the most important thing about it. You need to make sure it is quality made, unbreakable, and that it has a good working mechanism. There are safes with electronic keypads that are good and reliable, but they do take more time to open given you have to type your security code. The other versions have a key, which means you need to have it at you all the time, but they can be open quickly and do work just fine.

The third option is safe, based on the biometric system. You will be able to open that one with your unique fingerprint. This is considered to be the fastest and most effective of them all. You can also use the safe with a magnetic mechanism, but know that that one is the lees reliable since anyone can open it without a fuss.

5. Build Quality

There are safes that are actually nothing more than secret compartments hidden inside some furniture. They do not have firm and unbreachable structure, and if the intruder finds them, they will probably manage to break them immediately and take their content away.

But others are created from solid steel and mostly have an additional door security system in the form of built-in deadbolts. Those cannot be conquered easily.


FAQs Best Hidden Gun Safes

Q1: What Are the Advantages of Hidden Gun Safes?

It turns out that people simply love these kinds of safes, those that have a cool catch, the ones that are not easy to predict and discover. It makes them feel secure, and in a way, more interesting and adventurous. It’s almost like they are some kind of action heroes or secret agents. So, here are some benefits hidden gun safes contain that will, maybe, encourage you to purchase one too.

  • Camouflage

It’s a fact that safes attract the attention of thieves and burglars. They are hypnotized when they see one. So if you want to have a place in your home where you can keep your weapon or some other valuable things, it would be perfect to choose the one that doesn’t look like it, the one that is camouflaged on a shelf, a key holder, clock, or the one that is hidden under the bed or table. That way, you will make sure that your belongings are safe because the intruder won’t know you have a vault.

  • Handy and Reachable

When holding a weapon in your house, you want to feel like you are able to use it if necessary. That means the gun has to be placed somewhere where it will be safe and away from the children, but at the same time at your disposal, somewhere close.

These hidden security boxes are the perfect answer to that need because you can place them anywhere where you believe they will be most reachable. It’s the same when it comes to money, jewelry, or some other important things. In the case of an emergency, you would want them to be in one place and handy to pick them up.

  • Secured From Children

As we previously mentioned, these safes will be unreachable to all uninvited people, but also to the children, which is way more important if you are holding a gun inside your home. Although there are no official federal requirements of this kind, many states demand that weapons be locked up in a safe and unreachable place, away from the little ones.

But regardless of that, you really don’t want your kids being able to put their hands on your handgun.

Q2: What Are the Disadvantages of Concealable Gun Safes?

Disadvantages of Concealable Gun Safes

Even though we only pointed out the advantages of having a hidden gun safe, there are certainly some shortcomings you should be aware of.

  • Absence of Fireproof

The thing is, most of the hidden gun safes are not fireproof. Given that some of these safety items are camouflaged into pieces of decoration or furniture, there is no way to provide them with this feature. A clock will still be just a clock but with a hidden compartment. You should have that in mind, and provide yourself with some kind of insurance on your weapon.

  • Chance of Discovery

The greatest advantage of these safes is the fact nobody knows where they are and how they look. They can be placed in a wall, behind the painting, under the bed, or on your living room shelf, in front of everybody’s nose.

But the thing is, if they are discovered, they will be pretty easy to break in, at least most of them. So you should really consider both good and bad things before making a final decision.


When choosing a hidden gun safe, you first need to decide your priorities because you cannot get everything from one security box. There are those that can perfectly blend into their surroundings while being handy and reachable at the same time, but they do not have high-quality security mechanisms or firm construction.

Other ones do have these qualities but are not so easy to hide. Other than that, there is also a question of locking system and storage space. Both aspects are the crucial significance that will help you pick the right vault for yourself and your own needs.

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