Best States and Worst States for Gun Owners – Gun Laws

If you really want to live in a state that gives you the freedom for gun usage and does not put any restrictions on gun rights then you must choose the best state where you feel free and avoid the worst state which has strict laws regarding gun owners in the U.S.A.

As well every state has its rules and regulations. Some are harsh and some states are pleasant towards the gun owners.

Here we discuss the best and worst states for gun owners one by one which you must know if you want to be a gun owner and protect yourself and your family members for any cause.

Best States for Gun Owners

1. Arizona


Arizona State in the U.S. is very friendly with its gun owners. It is the first topmost state in the Law of Gun Violence’s board.

  • In this state, you don’t need any possession list.
  • This state put little limitations on gun ownership and its sale.
  • You don’t require any permission for a handgun or rifle purchase.
  • In this state, you can either use the covered or opened handgun whatever you want.
  • But we advise you to use the best handgun safe for your home for your own safety.

2. Alaska


This is the second-best state that does not put any restrictions on the purchase of guns. This state is also very friendly towards its gun owners.

  • In this state, you can purchase a number of guns without waiting for any permission.
  • You can use a cover or openly gun without any permission.
  • Use different gun-safe accessories for your comforts.

3. Mississippi


These states know also provide a friendly relationship with their gun owners and reduce their limitations on the usage of the gun.

  • In this state, the firearms seller does not require any license for the purchase or sale of the gun.
  • The gun owners use the firearms without any legal authorization.
  • They can use either open or conceal the gun and pay a little bit of fees for this to the government.

Worst States for Gun Owners

1. Illinois


It is the first worst state in the U.S. which has a lot of restrictions on gun ownership.

  • In this state, the gun owners or the firearms dealers must have a license to use the gun.
  • This state follows very strict gun rights for gun owners.
  • In this state, you must require permission for carrying conceal or open gun.
  • The gun owners have to wait for the handguns and rifles.

2. Maryland


It is another worst state for gun owners.

  • This state is very restrictive on the usage of concealed guns and requires full permission for this.
  • In this state, the gun owners must have to prove that their life is in danger to get permission for the gun.
  • In this state, you have to register if you want to purchase and use a handgun with the state police.
  • The gun owners also submit their fingerprints as evidence if any miss-happening occurs.

So these are the few best and worst states that we discuss in this article. We hope this will help you in the future if you want to protect your life by using guns without any restrictions and becoming a responsible gun owner.

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